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Jeffrey Scott

"Jeffrey Scott is the vice president of fitness, nutrition and results for Beachbody®, and an award-winning international presenter who is known for his innovative programming and motivational teaching. Jeffrey has conducted educational workshops and lectures in over 20 countries to thousands of instructors around the globe. He is a celebrated educator, instructor and personal trainer who has twice been a finalist for IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year."

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Set the Pace!

December 12, 2018

The best indoor cycling instructors get it: The workout isn’t about you; it’s about the people you’re coaching. Your class is an opportunity to shine a light on others and help them feel successful. It’s a forum for building confidence, inner strength and community.

An engaging start is like a handshake; it introduces you to the riders. It’s your time to capture your audience by rolling out the carefully constructed plan you’ve created especially for them.

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