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Jeanne Missey Osgood, MA

Hello fitness enthusiasts, I have been teaching fitness since the mid 80's and certified with ACE since 1987; so I have been around for a long time. I have owned several fitness businesses over the past 25 years, worked in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg as a fitness specialist, worked as the Fitness Director of Campus Recreation at the University of Arizona and for The Academy Village retirement community. Currently, I own and operate a Pilates studio in Tucson called the Tucson Pilates Lab and offer a teacher training program for Pilates and other genres of movement for instructors learning how to teach called the Arizona Pilates Academy. I have created two DVD packages for instructor trainees, a chair fitness program for older adults called Total Fitness and Pilates Teacher Training, a 6 DVD, 2 CD package for learning both Mat Pilates and Pilates on the apparatus. You can find them on my website, totalfitnessllc.com.

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Alzheimer’s and the Joy of Exercise

October 12, 2017

Today, approximately 5.5 million adults in the United States have Alzheimer’s disease (AD). By the year 2030, people aged 65 or older will make up 20% of the country’s total population, and the number of adults with AD is projected to reach 8.4 million (Alzheimer’s Association 2017a).

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The Poetry of Yoga

May 18, 2017

Some 80 million Americans were expected to try yoga last year, according to the 2016 Yoga in America Study (Yoga Journal & Yoga Alliance 2016). Couple this statistic with the continuing effort to entice baby boomers with new and effective movement class designs, and you get a sense of the opportunity yoga provides for dedicated teachers with skill and creativity.

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