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Jean Carl

Article Archive

Planning a Health Fair: Step by Step

June 20, 2013

“Me, plan a health fair? You must be kidding!”

That’s what I said when I was asked to organize our fitness facility’s first health fair. After 8 months of wrong turns, detours and far too much stress and drama, the big day came. Our first health fair was a hit! And we earned $1,000 for our designated charity!

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Planning a Seminar on Breast Cancer and Exercise

November 22, 2011

All breast cancer survivors have one thing in common: a desire to regain control over their lives and bodies. Holding a seminar on this topic at your small to medium-sized fitness facility can help breast cancer survivors return to fitness and showcase your facility’s offerings.

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Sample Class: Partner-Ball: The Every Class Solution

September 30, 2010

Would you love to use the stability ball in your next fitness class, but you’re short on equipment? Are you itching to challenge participants with something new, but you’re too busy for special training? Are you worried that people will cringe at the idea of holding hands with a partner? If you said yes to any of these questions, then Partner-Ball is a perfect solution, no matter what format you teach.

Partner-Ball Details

format: balance and core class using stability balls Total Time: 40 minutes

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