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Jay Dawes

Jay Dawes, MS, is the director of education for the National Strength and Conditioning Association in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he is also an assistant coach at NSCAÔÇÖs Human Performance Center. Jay holds a masterÔÇÖs degree in health and human performance and is currently pursuing his doctorate degree in exercise science.
Certifications: ACSM, NSCA

Article Archive

Small-Group Training Techniques

February 18, 2010

Over the last several years, small-group personal training has dramatically increased in popularity. This form of training is not only time-effective for the personal trainer but economical for many clients who are unable to afford private sessions. However, many trainers who excel in a one-on-one training environment struggle when attempting to coordinate group sessions.

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Metabolic Conditioning Games for Clients

December 16, 2009

If you are like most personal trainers, you enjoy working out in the gym, but your clients may not always share your enthusiasm. Clients can get bored or complacent during traditional strength and conditioning programs that focus on sets, reps and steady-state activity.

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In-Home Training: Working in Small Spaces

December 16, 2008

One of the major obstacles that personal trainers face when conducting in-home training sessions is lack of space. Often you are expected to provide a client with a comprehensive, gym-quality strength and conditioning session within an area that’s only slightly bigger than a closet. As a result, you must be able to adapt and modify many traditional training exercises and drills to accommodate the space limitations and meet your client’s training goals. The following are just a few suggestions on how to take a client through a full training session in a small area.

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