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Eric Kaufmann

Article Archive

Four Hungers, Four Fears

February 9, 2017

Our life can be seen as an insatiable quest to assuage four hungers: hunger for safety, hunger for control, hunger for connection, and hunger for self-expression. Our fears, by extension, are the hunger pangs we experience when these needs go unmet. Hunger for safety yields fear of pain (or discomfort), hunger for control stirs up fear of failure, hunger for connection lays the groundwork for fear of rejection, and hunger for self-expression makes possible fear of humiliation.

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The Leadership-Fear Connection

February 3, 2017

Let’s define leadership for a moment: Leaders guide and influence people to work toward a desirable future goal that has no guarantees. If the goal is easy, then mere project management will do, but when the goal is challenging (taking us into unfamiliar territory beyond our comfort zone), then leadership is required. The conditions of leading—newness and uncertainty—trigger our fears; in particular, our fears of pain, failure, rejection and humiliation.

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