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Ell Graniel

Ell Graniel with Truespeak is a certified coach and Transformational Meditation Facilitator (TfM) with a 100% success rate for helping people meditate. She contributes and has presented for IDEA, Beachbody, Powder Blue Productions. Ell is also author of the Amazon best seller (e-book) Get Happier, Fitter, and off the Meds Now - 7 steps to a body you can love.

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Truespeak Meditation

HELP! I Can’t Meditate… I’ve Tried

January 6, 2020

It’s easy to understand how some folks can believe that statement to be true. It’s a lot like how some say, “I can’t exercise. I’m uncoordinated.” Or, “I can’t do yoga. My muscles are too tight.” It makes sense that when you believe there is only one way to accomplish something, it’s easy to feel defeated.

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