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FREE Webinar Series: 2-Part Breast Cancer Exercise Series featuring Andrea LeonardWatch Now!

FREE Webinar Series: 2-Part Breast Cancer Exercise Series featuring Andrea Leonard Watch Now!

Doris Thews

"Doris Thews is an international award-winning fitness educator and the 2019 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year. She is a senior vice president of fitness and innovation for VASA Fitness, a keynote speaker, senior master trainer and global mentor for Schwinn®, a brand ambassador for Ryka®, and is on the international development master trainer team for BOSU®. Doris consults for several leading brands on business and program development in addition to presenting and lecturing internationally. She is known for her motivation, authenticity and athletic coaching style."

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Article Archive

Sample Class: Cycle & Strength

February 19, 2019

Indoor cycling remains one of the hottest formats; it’s still credited with being a turnkey class that introduces men to the group exercise schedule. One reason indoor cycling is still viable is that it’s always reinventing itself. Over the past 20 years, it has evolved and survived many changes: new bike options, top-line educational programs and metric technology, to name a few. Currently, fusion classes are trending, and boutique studios are marketing their unique claims to a total-body workout.

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Cycle Strong

May 28, 2014

While the legs may be the stars of the show in indoor cycling, the core is the vital foundation that affects all movement, including the pedal stroke. A solid core helps eliminate unnecessary upper-body movement so that riders can focus and deliver energy for a smooth and powerful pedal stroke. Most cyclists will agree that, whether you’re riding inside or out, the core is the power center for efficiency. These five functional moves strengthen the core muscles and improve overall performance. All you need is 5 minutes before or after your next indoor cycling class.

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Managing Multiple Locations

March 21, 2013

Have you ever noticed that the most successful facilities are full of enthusiastic employees who radiate happiness? How does that happen? It starts from the top down, with leadership.

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Sample Cycling Class: Wake-Up Workout

November 20, 2012

Have you noticed that a lot of exercise fanatics work out in the morning? Here’s an indoor cycling class for these dedicated early birds. This ride, adapted from the Schwinn® Cycling continuing education workshop “The Wake-Up Workout,” celebrates early risers with a morning playlist and stage-by-stage escalation. Each stage offers visual imagery, motivational suggestions and intentional social interaction.

Wake-Up Workout Details

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Sample Class: Biking the Boston Marathon

August 16, 2010

There’s something special about running a marathon. Why not bring the marathon indoors and give your cycling participants a runner’s high? In this class we’ll ride the Boston Marathon and create a unique and exciting experience from start to finish. Each stage is described in detail, offering rich visual imagery. By using these cues, you’ll help students feel that they are truly “in the race.” Interchange visual imagery with solid technical coaching (see the chart)—this is a proven method for making time fly by.

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