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Amanda Adams, PhD

Article Archive

Something for Everyone

May 31, 2004

Twenty years ago, if a friend said she was going to “aerobics,” you had a pretty good idea what that entailed. Today, however, that same person might attend any number and style of group exercise classes, including high-low, step, kickboxing, funk, hip-hop, cardio dance and circuit training, to name only a few. These diverse choices only scratch the surface. All of them can be mixed and matched to create fantastic format blends. While not a new concept, combination classes offer myriad benefits to instructors, program directors and participants.

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Applying the Science of Motivation

March 1, 2003

Almost everyone you talk to these days is concerned with their health and wants to look and feel better, so why are obesity rates skyrocketing among both children and adults? Despite our best efforts, the fitness community has not been able to inspire the sedentary masses to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

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