Keeping Seniors Motivated

by: Sherry Ballou Hanson

Senior Fitness

The aging of the Baby Boomers guarantees that more trainers will be working with older exercisers. Here’s how to inspire them.

Seniors are the fastest-growing population of Americans in the market for personal training (Kavadlo 2011). Moreover, as a group they have the financial resources to pay for our expertise: 75% of the income and wealth in the U.S belongs to the Baby Boomers, and 10,000 Americans are 
turning 65 every day (FAI 2015).

Clearly, our profession has ample motivation to attract older clients. Yet that does not automatically mean they will stay motivated to work with us. To keep them fit, we have to see things from their point of view.

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IDEA Fitness Journal, Volume 13, Issue 1

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Sherry Ballou Hanson

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