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Employees of EoS Fitness receive a discount to the IDEA World Convention on July 8–12, 2020 in Anaheim, CA.

Save $110 on a full registration using code EOS20 at checkout.


Use code EOS201DAY to save $60 off a 1-day registration (Thursday, Friday or Saturday).

You won't want to miss this EoS Fitness session, plus over 330 more:


EoS Club Spotlight: Booty Up!

Session 643 • Saturday, July 11 • 9:40–11:30am

Joella Hopkins and the EoS Team

From heart rate zones to HIIT training, we’ve heard and seen it all. But are they just fads, and how well rooted are they in evidence-based science? Does your client need steady-state or are intervals best? What kind of recovery periods do they need and for how long? Determining the right solutions for every individual can certainly be overwhelming and confusing. In this session, we’ll dive into the science, the myths and the facts on cardiovascular training, and provide clarity on how to work within a systematic model to deliver results for health, fitness and performance.