B Strong

Submitted by: Tammy Yalch

Mandy's Success Story

Mandy came to me shortly after giving birth to her first child. She wanted help losing the "baby weight" and to learn how to be healthy. We started out slow, and exercise became a part of regular lifestyle very quickly. She started to see all the changes, on the inside and outside, and loved how she felt.

Than she became pregnant again. After giving birth, the demands of now having 2 small children began to weigh her down. After a couple of years of putting her health on the back burner, she finally got tired of being tired. A look in the mirror told her it was time to put herself first.

She started out with training for a 5K, added in some healthy nutrition changes, then returned to lifting weights and doing classes. Pretty soon the pounds began to melt away.

Months later, and 90 pounds lighter, Mandy looks and feels better than she ever has. She has realized that making a commitment to being healthy is what brings about success. She has kept the weight off for over a year and hasn't look back.

Now along with living a healthy lifestyle and being a role model for her sons, she now teaches classes for Pure Barre. In addition, she spends time talking and inspiring others to make the commitment to being healthy.


Mandy Before


Mandy After