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Increasing strength and stamina post concussion

I have a new client who experienced a concussion 3 months ago. Neurologist advised either physical therapy or personal training and the choice is personal training. Strength training is a focus as muscle tone has diminished with the constant rest and inactivity necessary to recover. Increasing stamina is also a focus as this person cannot go for extended periods walking and running errands without getting tired. Client self reports no issues with balance although i suspect we will encounter some as we progress. Any advice from the community on specific exercises to include or avoid is appreciated. Thanks.


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Hi Cristin,

Here are some symptoms you need to be looking for when training your client: fatigue, headache, nausea, loss of balance, blurred vision, reduced memory and/or depression. You want to keep his heart rate or blood pressure low. If you notice any of the symptoms, it could be a sign that he is not ready yet and he might need to go back to his doctor for more evaluation. Since I don't know your client, I can't give you any detailed advice. You must take him thru small steps and progressive exercises, light weight and a easier routine to see how he reacts and feels. Keep an open communication with his doctor and inform him of his progress.Just because he is feeling ok now it doesn't mean he is still out of the woods.

I hope this helps,
Hello Cristin Sturchio,

I would encourage physical therapy first, as this is a high risk condition which requires extra recovery time.
In my experience, not all doctors realize the difference between a physical therapist and personal trainer.
I have a feeling this person needs more than they realize, hence, the concussion.
Take care.

Answered by Bryant Seton 1928 days ago
/agree with above posts. Send them to a PT, physician or doctor to get a list of contraindications before you give them a program.

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