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Employees of Life Time receive a discount to the IDEA World Convention on July 8–12, 2020 in Anaheim, CA.

Save $110 on a full registration using code LIFETIME20 at checkout.


Use code LIFETIME201DAY to save $60 off a 1-day registration (Thursday, Friday or Saturday).

You won't want to miss this Life Time session, plus over 330 more:


Life Time® Club Spotlight: Ready to Rumble!

Session 639 • Saturday, July 11 • 9:40–11:30am

Rob Glick, Aimee Nicotera, MS, Kimberly Spreen-Glick and Abrea Wooten

Are you ready to step into the boxing ring, octagon or ring of life? Experience two of Life Time’s hottest programs: RINGSIDE and STRIKE. RINGSIDE refers to the area just outside of the ring. Most of a boxer’s training and conditioning occurs outside of the ring, with only specific sparring matches held inside. With the actual ring in view, and fighting for better health and fitness, we challenge one of our toughest opponents...ourselves, as we get into the best shape of our lives. STRIKE is the martial arts-inspired stick-fighting format. Experience kickboxing at its finest, using boxing bells and bars with kicking, punching, strikes and blocks. You’ll feel unstoppable!