ACE Mover Academy

The ACE Mover Academy will feature dynamic, thought-provoking sessions delivered by leading health and fitness industry experts to help you ignite positive change and create more active communities worldwide.

The sessions will:

  • Equip you with actionable skills you can use immediately with your clients to coach them toward lasting success
  • Introduce new research and techniques delivered by ACE-trusted partners in education
  • Spark your why with featured ACE Mission Moments that will get you fired up and inspired to carry out our shared mission to Get People Moving

ACE Mover Academy Sessions

106 ACE Behavior Change in Practice: Hands-On Skills for Health Coaches and Exercise Professionals*

Wednesday, June 27, 11:00am-5:00pm

Lecture Presented By: Jacque Crockford, MS and Dianne McCaughey

Producing long-term behavioral change by empowering clients to adopt and maintain new behaviors extends beyond simply educating individuals on what they should and should not do. Learn how to develop and utilize effective communication strategies to establish a positive and productive client-coach relationship rooted in empathy. This 5-hour workshop, (previously named ACE Behavior Change Techniques), outlines best practices in behavior-change science and explores how to practically apply cutting-edge coaching interventions that translate into meaningful lifestyle changes and improved health outcomes.

*Additional fee required for this preconference session

201 Metabolic Conditioning

Thursday, June 28, 7:00–7:45am

Michol Dalcourt

Many in health and fitness are beginning to learn about “metabolic flexibility.” This is the notion that in order to promote health, we need variability in how we use energy at different intensities. In this advanced cardio workout, we’re going to expose the body to four different metabolic challenges to promote cardiorespiratory and metabolic health through fitness.

229 ACE: Impacting Prediabetes and Diabetes Through Exercise and Movement

Thursday, June 28, 8:15–10:05am

Cedric Bryant, PhD

As the number of Americans with diabetes continues to rise at alarming rates, the demand for professionals who understand these clients and their specific needs is increasing. Dr. Bryant will review what exercise professionals need to know about how diabetes impacts the human body, the lifestyle behavior-change strategies shown to prevent and/or manage diabetes, and how exercise professionals can become valuable additions to the diabetic client’s healthcare team.

267 Fat Frenzy: The Top-Secret Life of a Fat Cell

Thursday, June 28, 2:00–3:50pm

Len Kravitz, PhD

This thoroughly researched presentation will cover numerous recent topics, including the new hormonal factors of fat in the human body, the role of fat for energy production, the role of fat in athletic performance, fat metabolism, unique gender differences in fat metabolism, current health issues with fat and countless myths and misconceptions about fat. Each attendee will leave with myriad practical ideas to enhance fat loss for clients and eight fabulous calorie-burning workouts.

300 Win With the Habits of Ultra-High Performers

Thursday, June 28, 5:00–6:00pm

Chantal Brodrick

Set up your life and business for a win this year with this insider’s look at the habits of ultra-high performers. Chantal, host of The Fitness Business Podcast, will draw from more than 2,500 hours of interviews with fitness industry leaders to share with you the top insights about personal development rituals, developing winning cultures, using productivity tools, tips for avoiding overwhelm, and the role of positive psychology in your personal and professional life. This session will be full of entertaining ideas and business gems.

407 ACE Health Coach: Trifecta for Personal Trainers–Program Design, Nutrition and Behavior Change

Friday, June 29, 7:30–9:20am

Anthony Wall, MS

The obesity and physical inactivity epidemics, and their associated chronic diseases, are shaping the healthcare landscape. Models of success facilitate a realistic approach with clients and adopting a client-centric approach. This session will explore how fitness professionals can empower their clients to make sustainable lifestyle behavior changes.

439 Pain-Free Movement–The Science and Application

Friday, June 29, 9:50–11:40am

Anthony Carey, MA

Your clients are counting on you. As exercise professionals, we will see more and more clients cleared for exercise by medical professionals but still challenged with chronic pain limitations. With a clear understanding of how movement influences the brain and nervous system, we can design exercise programs to improve function and increase movement confidence, which will have a profound effect on our clients’ quality of life.

482 Functional Balance Circuits for the Active Adult

Friday, June 29, 1:40–3:20pm

Derek Mikulski, Dan Ritchie, PhD, and Cody Sipe, PhD

For the most transferable and useable functional balance training, exercises need to challenge the body in ways that simulate the forces and variability that life throws at us every day. By integrating senses like touch, vision and sound into the picture, we develop a deeper understanding of what balance really is, relative to our position in space. In this session, we will introduce and explore new science-based approaches to how we can truly help our aging population replace fear with confidence and live life stronger every day.

514 The Big Brain Workout: Getting Smarter While Sweating

Friday, June 29, 5:00–6:00pm

Anthony Carey, MA

Combining musculoskeletal and cognitive programming goals with specific cognitive challenges does a body and brain good. The environment is ripe for positive change to occur within the brain during exercise that includes neurogenesis and improved executive function. Get the burn and a brain boost at the same time!

621 ACE Health Coaching: Expanding Your Reach for Greater Impact

Saturday, June 30, 7:30–9:20am

Moderator: Cedric Bryant, PhD, FACSM; Panelists: Natalie Digate Muth, MD, MPH, RDN, FAAP, Lee Jordan, MS, and Jessica Matthews, DBH

An estimated 75% of all healthcare costs in the U.S. are attributable to chronic disease, and approximately 85% of avoidable costs are attributable to health behaviors. Individuals skilled at helping people make sustainable lifestyle behavior changes are in high demand. During this session, Dr. Bryant, along with a panel of industry experts, will review the key fundamentals of lifestyle behavior-change coaching, the evidence supporting its effectiveness, and how it can help differentiate health coaches in the marketplace, expand their services and grow their businesses.

642 Effective Exercise Programming for Cancer Patients and Survivors

Saturday, June 30, 9:50–11:40am

Andrea Leonard

Working with cancer patients and survivors requires empathy, compassion and comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter. This session will give you the practical, hands-on skills needed to guide patients through treatment, and into recovery and long-term survivorship.

681 The Female Lumbo-Pelvic Complex

Saturday, June 30, 1:40–3:30pm

Farel Hruska

It’s complex and it’s crucial to stabilize and mobilize! In life, pregnancy, sport and motherhood, the lumbar spine and pelvic complex is the source of power and stabilization—all at the same time. Where and how do we stabilize, and where and how do we mobilize for optimum power and health? Come find out!

714 IoM 4 Quadrants–Recovery

Saturday, June 30, 5:00–6:00pm

Michol Dalcourt and Derrick Price, MS

Building on the Institute of Motion’s 4Q Modeling, the 4Q Recovery program builds a framework for programming and engineering recovery sessions and periodization. This session looks at the interplay between work-outs and work-ins and provides a framework in which to program recovery. We will closely look at what can be done in the gym, as well as what can be accomplished as ”allied recovery”: protocols enacted outside the gym that aid in restoring parasympathetic tone.

807 Embody Your Body: Core Tour

Sunday, July 1, 7:30–9:20am

Jill Miller

Sustainable core work requires embodied knowledge of the collaboration between postural and respiratory muscles. Learn to identify the myofascial layers of your torso by traveling through each tissue. Explore remote regions within your torso from the neck to the pelvic floor and everything in between. Gain insight into your proprioceptive and interoceptive powers of perception. Absorb new assessment techniques to help yourself and your students move through common restrictions and conditions of the core.

820 ACE: Client-Centric Program Design with the Integrated Fitness Training Model™

Sunday, July 1, 9:50–11:40am

Anthony Wall, MS

Clients today demand personalized fitness programs to help them reach their specific goals, leaving personal trainers with the task of creating customized programs to help them get there. The challenge personal trainers face in building effective individualized programs is how to consider each client’s unique level of fitness. This session will provide the blueprint for personal trainers to design exercise programs that each client needs based on a foundation built of trust and rapport.