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IDEA World Virtual 2020 Sponsor FAQ’s

Q: What is a virtual conference?

A virtual conference is hosted entirely over the Internet. It will allow attendees to access live and hear presentations from their computers. Attendees participate through a conference website designed specifically for the virtual conference. The site is where you will watch conference presentations and participate with questions and comments in real-time.

Q: What is a virtual trade show?

A virtual trade show offers the valuable education, networking, and brand exploration of a physical event to the comfort of your home through an online event platform. Through an easy to navigate virtual event platform, attendees are able to move freely through virtual lobbies, session rooms, auditoriums, and expo halls. Featuring live education sessions with Q&A capabilities, excitement-filled special events, and activities like trivia games, polling, and challenges, virtual trade shows create a familiar interactive experience through a 3D virtual event platform. Virtual trade shows offer the benefits of the latest technology to connect with even more industry leaders and brands from all over the world through a high-quality virtual event experience.

Q: What are the dates and hours of the Convention?

All times listed will be Pacific Standard Time. This is a live event. The time in your location could differ from the listed times so please update our calendar accordingly.

Friday August 21: 7:15am-5:30pm

Saturday August 22: 7:15am-5:00pm

Attendees will have the option to purchase 12-month access to all sessions at IDEA World Virtual. Attendees with On-Demand registrations will have access to recorded sessions, the virtual expo hall, and all navigation pages.

Q: What virtual event platform will IDEA World Virtual 2020 be hosted on?
Q: How will I log into Intrado?
Q: What happens if you have technical issues during IDEA World Virtual?

Intrado provides continuous technical assistance from the building stage to the event days, to post-event assistance. Please contact Edwin Cintron at [email protected] for assistance.

Q: What is included in a standard virtual booth?

Self-customized virtual sponsor booth:

  • Embedded video—up to 5 minutes long
  • Branded digital signage
  • Chat functions—ongoing interactive chat to be staffed and monitored by a member of your team
  • Ability to add 2 external links to website, selling pages and social media
  • Ability to ship product to booth attendees by providing external link that leads to giveaway/contact form for post-event shipping
Q: How do I build my virtual booth?

Please fully review Intrado’s Sponsor Booth Build Guide HERE.

Lastly, Intrado will provide technical support at any time for sponsors. Please reach out to: Edwin Cintron at [email protected] for additional assistance.

Q: Will there be a virtual booth building training?

Yes, Intrado will host 2 sponsorship trainings.

Intrado will host a live Sponsor Booth Build Live Demo on July 22, 2020 and a Sponsor and Staff Training on August 18, 2020.

You will receive a calendar invite leading up to the live demo date. If you are not able to attend the live demo, a recorded version will be sent to you by the following day.

Q: Is my virtual booth customizable?

Yes. You will be able to customize the color schemes, virtual signage, external links, and marquee notifications within your virtual booth. You will also be able to upload a video up to 5 minutes or less and downloadable documents.

Please refer to the Sponsorship Glossary HERE for more detailed information and examples.

Q: When should I have a staff member logged on to the virtual event platform?

We recommend staffing your virtual booth from 8AM-5PM on both August 21st and August 22nd, 2020. This will maximize your attendee interaction through chat functions. If you cannot staff your booth for the duration of the event, you can customize scrolling marquee announcements within your virtual booth notifying attendees of your live chat times.

Q: Are there unopposed expo hall hours?

Yes. 11AM-12PM on both August 21st and August 22nd, 2020 will be unopposed by education sessions and attendees will be encouraged to explore the expo hall during this time.

Q: Can I chat with attendees?

Yes! We encourage attendee interaction through the group chat function within your virtual booth. Attendees will also have the opportunity to reach out to brands to privately chat and ask questions with each virtual booth. Brands can not reach out to attendees directly. There are no video chat capabilities.

Q: How do sponsors ship product to attendees?

Sponsors are able to do the following to send product to attendees:

  1. Add an external link within a virtual booth leading to a giveaway page with a contact retrieval page.

  2. With the Intrado booth lead list capabilities, sponsors are welcome to select one or more attendees from the data portal to win product by reaching out to them post-event via email.

  3. Host a social media giveaway and direct virtual booth attendees to a social media platform for participation.

It is the sole responsibility of sponsors to ship product to attendees within 30 days of the event and IDEA is not responsible for shipping costs or coordination.

Q: What is the virtual swag bag?

A virtual swag bag allows attendees to connect with brands via generous discounts of 30% or more or through free product. The sponsor’s logos and links will be featured within the event microsite, virtual event platform, and in emails to attendees. It is the sole responsibility of sponsors to set up their swag bag discount code, brand page, and all shipments

Q: How do I gain access to my lead capture portal?

Sponsors who have lead capture access will be given a link post-event. Only the primary contact can access the data portal where you can see contact information and full interactivity of attendees that enter your booth.


Q: Are special discount codes available for brands to offer their audience?

Yes, we would be happy to work with you to provide an exclusive discount code to offer your audience. Please contact Blake Faris at [email protected] for more information.


Q: Can attendees visit the expo hall who are not paid, registrants?

Yes. There is a free registration option allowing attendees to visit the expo hall and take advantage of the virtual swag bag.


Q: How is the virtual expo hall organized?

There are 3 public areas of the virtual expo hall: IDEA World Main Section, Club & Studio Row, Nutrition & Behavior Change Row.

The 4th area of the virtual expo hall is password protected for SHINE influencers creating a separate, exclusive experience for both SHINE influencers and sponsors.

Q: Will IDEA World be a live event in 2021?

Yes! We plan on IDEA World Convention being live again in 2021 and will take place in Anaheim, CA July 7-11.