Individual Presenter Application

Welcome! And thank you for your interest in presenting for IDEA Health & Fitness Association.

The application instructions appear in the text below. Please be sure to complete each section of the application in its entirety, as well as include all the items we have asked you to provide. Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the application. We appreciate the forethought and preparation that goes into the development of each and every session submission, and we look forward to reviewing it for possible inclusion on a 2016 conference program.

Important Note: Due to IDEA’s very tight marketing deadlines, we begin the programming process approximately 8-10 months in advance of the actual conference, so please pay close attention to the presenter application deadline dates in the “Conference Information” section below.

Conference Information

Conference Location* Conference Dates* Presenter Application Deadline Dates
2016 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute™—EAST Alexandria, VA February 26-28, 2016 June 1, 2015
2016 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute™—WEST TBD TBD June 1, 2015
2016 IDEA World Fitness Convention™ Los Angeles, CA July 13-17, 2016 August 28, 2015

*Dates and Locations may be subject to change.

Please note that sessions submitted after the deadline dates noted above will not be considered for 2016 events, but will be kept in the system for possible consideration for 2017 programming. IDEA is always looking for fresh, new content. Therefore, we encourage you to update your application often so that your submissions remain relevant and current.


Presenter Application Submission Guidelines

The following documents have been developed to help you prepare your session submissions. We urge you to read them before submitting your application online.

Color PDF Icon For Presenter Selection Criteria and Notification Information, please click here (pdf)

Color PDF Icon For Session Submission Requirements, please click here (pdf)

Scroll to the end to get started.

The Application

If all materials are available and ready at the time of submission, the application should only take a few moments per session submission. Also, please note that requested word counts and character limitations must be strictly adhered to.

Notification Information

  • Individuals who are selected for the program will be notified by phone or email as soon as the programming is completed. Presenter contracts will follow shortly after notification.
  • Individuals who are not selected for the program will be notified via email approximately 3-6 weeks after the final program has been set.

Getting Started

Once you have read over the selection criteria document and have prepared the information mentioned in the presenter application packet sheet, you are now ready to submit your application.

Please click here to get started. Good Luck!