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Strategies to Improve Financial Health


Presented by

Michael Keeler, Frank Pucher and Matt Wright, MS, CSCS. Moderated by Ryan Halvorson


Since closing gym doors, businesses have suffered significant financial stress. Add to that the uncertainty of when those doors will open again and the likelihood that business won’t return to normal when they do, it’s important to put in place strategies now to safeguard your gym against permanent closure. In this webinar, three industry experts share what they’ve done to lean out their businesses so that they can survive for the long haul. They also discuss revenue opportunities, what to know when considering loans, what you need to be doing now to prepare for the future and more.

Michael Keeler is the co-owner and Business Wizard of Mark Fisher Fitness, one of the most successful gyms in the history of the fitness industry. He is also co-founder of Business for Unicorns, which provides online training and coaching to business leaders who want to make a positive impact on the world. Michael’s unique approach combines his hands-on experience as a business founder and CEO with expert coaching and consulting skills to help entrepreneurs reach their goals faster and with less stress.

Frank Pucher is the former CEO of an ‘award winning’ fitness studio, Fitness 121 Personal Training, located in Roseland, NJ. His team of elite fitness professionals provided over 200 training sessions each week to a diverse clientele from working professionals, athletes, TV personalities, and everyday people looking to make fitness fun in a clean, friendly & professional environment.
Frank is currently, the director of a Business & Life Coaching Program that serves over 200 fitness professionals around the world.

Matt Wright, MS, CSCS, is the VP of personal training and programming at City Fitness in Philadelphia, and has 10+ years of experience in fitness leadership with an emphasis on member engagement, programmatic solutions for personal/group training, staff education/retention and team culture. He is an international presenter and educator, a member of the IDEA World Personal Trainer Committee and a former president of NEHRSA. As an adjunct professor, Matt has taught kinesiology, anatomy and physiology, and exercise technique and prescription. He holds a master’s degree in sport and exercise psychology and is a certified exercise physiologist.