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How to Create Profitable Digital, Virtual and Live Products

Jessica Maurer

Online training, virtual challenges, live streaming…the options for increased revenue are endless. But with ever-expanding technology, it’s easy to be confused about where to put your time and money. This lecture will discuss the latest tools to help you obtain and retain clients while teaching you how to create remarkable and profitable digital, virtual and live products. Learn where to start, how to build it and how to generate awareness in this dynamic, informative workshop.

Learning Objectives

  1. Explain why it is important to create multiple business entry points for your target market and audience.
  2. Brainstorm offerings that your target audience will find useful, based on pain points and commonly asked questions.
  3. Design your own customer journey based on business expertise and customer needs.
  4. Describe how to create products that can be delivered to customers automatically.
  5. Discuss new services and programs that will help you build offerings for digital, virtual and live settings.

Jessica Maurer IDEA Author/Presenter

Jessica H. Maurer is a fitness business consultant and strategist who has presented and consulted for many brands internationally. Her passion is helping fitness professionals & businesses reach full potential through education, program & instructor development, and brand creation & awareness. Jessica is the Senior Director of Instructor Development at FIT4MOM and is a consultant for well-known fitness companies such as Nathalie Lacombe, Lebert Fitness, & One Day to Wellness. Additionally, Jessica continues to offer consulting services to locally owned businesses and fitness professionals.