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Chuck’s Advice for People with Low Back Pain

Chuck Wolf

With over 30 years of experience studying functional anatomy and movement analysis, Chuck Wolf has become an industry leader, rehabilitating his clients from injury and helping elite, professional athletes improve performance.  When he gives advice, the fitness industry listens.  If you or your client are experiencing chronic back pain, you will want to spend the next 2-minutes watching Chuck’s video.

If you would like to expand your career to help clients, rehabilitate from injury, start by joining Chuck Wolf for his new online course, the Essential Guide to a Pain-Free Low Back: Progressive Reconditioning & Program Considerations.

You will explore the principles and concepts of human movement, assessment techniques, flexibility strategies and corrective exercise, all directly related to lower-back injury and pain.

Chuck Wolf, MS, is the director of Human Motion Associates in Orlando, Florida, where he consults with clients rehabilitating from injury and with elite athletes, helping them to perform at a higher level. Sign up today at ideafit.com/painfreeback.