Sharing your hard-earned knowledge with peers can be rewarding and lucrative. But stepping into the spotlight can also pose significant challenges, especially if your public speaking experience is limited. If you’re
interested in becoming a fitness presenter, follow these tips
offered by IDEA’s director of event
programming, Aprile Peishel, MA:

  • First and foremost, be very knowledgeable in the topic area. Being skilled in the application of the material is also a major plus.

  • Develop strong communication skills—both verbal
    and written. Consider working with a professional speech coach to hone these skills—the experience
    can be very beneficial.

  • Cultivate your own special brand of “presence.” Think
    of this as a blend of knowledge, communication style and creativity.

  • Get as much experience as possible honing your craft. This entails setting up and delivering presentations
    in your local community, at regional shows and at
    national events.

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