Dear IDEA Fitness Community,

IDEA Health & Fitness Association’s staff and members are united in opposing prejudice, bigotry and racism. We denounce all acts and intents associated with these affronts to human dignity.

The senseless death of George Floyd (and too many others before him), at the hands of men authorized to protect, is a reminder that all people must practice vigilance to protect the rights of the oppressed and disenfranchised. It is with this fervor and commitment that IDEA has endeavored for nearly 40 years to serve and engage our community. 

Our members lead with a shared Code of Ethics which steers the industry as both an internal guideline and an external statement of values and commitment to fairness, decency and excellence. 

We further commit to continuing our charge of inspiring the world to hope, to empathy, to love, to inclusion, to equality, and to being the change the world needs. With diversity as our treasure, and unity as our goal, we join together with the hope of being an exemplary organization.

We choose love.

IDEA Health & Fitness Association