As baby boomers age and insurance companies crack down on physical therapy bills, more trainers are probably seeing clients with some type of physical ailment—whether they specialize in postrehabilitation or not. IDEA and Physiotherapy Associates San Diego realize this and have started a new personal training postrehab credential program designed to help physical therapists and personal trainers work together to benefit patients and clients.

The pilot program took place in October and November 2001 in San Diego, with six personal trainers participating. They attended 10 hours of classroom lectures, which covered the common orthopedic conditions that personal trainers encounter with their clients. Lectures covered the mechanism of injuries and postrehabilitation program design.

In addition to attending the lectures, students were required to log 15 hours in a clinical setting. They were able to observe physical therapists’ initial evaluations and witness the exercise intervention techniques for a variety of conditions. At the end of the course, the participants took a written exam. Upon passing the exam, the students received their credentials.

“I feel the program was successful in many ways,” said Stephanie Hoffman, physical therapist with Physiotherapy Associates and course instructor. “We built professional relationships with six personal trainers, to whom we can now refer patients, and we established parameters and standards of care for personal training.”

The next course will be in the spring of 2002. For more information, contact Dawn Norman at [email protected] industry IDEA PERSONAL Trainer February 2002