Here is a peek at some major worldwide food trends that recently caught the editors’ attention at Food Technology magazine:

1. The Quick Fix. Fewer side dishes and less time spent preparing meals are just two more signs that fast food rules—even at home!

2. Drive and Go. Takeout service is increasing, especially at upscale, full-service restaurants.

3. Inherently Healthy. Consumers are upping their intake of fruits and veggies, grains and yogurts.

4. Fancy Shmancy. Another sign that tastes are more discriminating is the rise in sales of “premium” (read: pricey) foods, which are estimated to reach nearly $100 billion by 2010.

5. Farm Friendly. Consumers are seeking more locally grown fresh foods.

6. Layered Flavors. Sales of exotically flavored foods are skyrocketing.

7. Grazing. Gourmet snack sales are increasing, along with smaller portion sizes.

8. Reduced Fats. Low fat is the option many consumers are choosing as interest in low-carb diets wanes.

9. Do-It-Yourself Doctoring. Shoppers are trying to manage medical conditions through their functional food choices.

10. Global Gangbusters. Convenience and ready-made meals are flooding the global market.