Pilates 50/50 is a combination class that fuses lower-body standing moves with mat exercises for a balanced mind-body experience that emphasizes Pilates principles. By moving Pilates into a vertical position, you bring a more functional experience to participants while continuing to offer the key elements of core control and optimal spinal alignment. The standing work is also a great way to warm the entire body for more effective spinal movement during the mat exercises.

Pilates 50/50 Details

Format: mind-body combination class
Total Time: 60 minutes

Equipment Needed: mats
Music: Select music that promotes control. Hip-hop or reggae speed is perfect (98-110 beats per minute).
Additional Considerations:

  • Perform the class barefoot. This gives participants a chance to experience alignment from the feet as the foundation.
  • Cue and move in layers: what moves first, second, etc.? Add levers last.
  • Cue stability first, mobility second.
  • Start every movement slowly. Learn the combination and cuing alignment before speeding up to tempo.
  • Use four base movements as the foundation for all standing combinations: squat, pli├®, lunge or balance.
  • Between each of the standing combinations, allow students to release accrued tension by moving around, performing hip circles or leg swings, or just getting a sip of water. The movement patterns take concentration as well as muscular-endurance work, so students may need a mental break as well as a physical one.

Sample Standing Combination

After a 5-minute standing warm-up, teach several standing combinations (for 20-25 minutes). Here is one combination to try:

Picking Flowers (8-16 reps per side)

Start in lunge position, with right foot forward and left foot back. Feet are aligned with the front hip bones (anterior superior iliac spine, or ASIS); spine is neutral and vertical.

  • Count 1: Lower into lunge, with front knee staying over ankle, spine in neutral.
  • Count 2: Hinge forward at hip, bringing spine forward over front thigh. Arms hang under shoulders. Keep spine in neutral, and do not allow front knee to move forward.
  • Count 3: Bring spine back into vertical position, still low in lunge. Bring arms back and engage scapular retraction; cue “picking flowers” when coming out of the forward hinge.
  • Count 4: Come up out of lunge.
  • Finishing move: Pulse down in lunge for 8-16 counts, then pulse 8-16 more counts in forward-hinged position.

Mat Work

For the second half of class (25-30 minutes), choose a well-balanced selection of mat work exercises that you are familiar with. Include flexion, extension and rotation as well as a nice mix of stability- and mobility-focused exercises. For example:

  • flexion: half roll-back, the hundred (or preps), single-leg stretch, double-leg stretch
  • extension: breaststroke preps and breaststroke, swimming, swan dive
  • stability: single-leg circle, shoulder bridge, one-leg kick
  • full mobility: roll-up, roll-over and teaser series

End your class with a good 5 minutes of stretching for the entire body. Include some stretches for the hamstrings, quadriceps and hip flexor/hip complex.

For more information, including warm-up details and three more standing combinations, please see the full article in the January issue of IDEA Fitness Journal or read it online in the IDEA Library.

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