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Sample Class: Fit Frenzy

To see results from exercise, it’s important to switch things up from time to time and push your students to a safe edge. This workout does that with circuit training principles that focus on compound strength exercises and unique HIIT drills. Dazzle your participants with fresh, intense moves that will challenge them in new ways. Have fun with a variety of equipment in this fast-paced, nonstop exercise experience. Students will love this social approach to fitness.

Here are some tips to make this class a success:

  • Select compound moves that use multiple muscle groups requiring core activation.
  • Maximize equipment usage by designing strategic stations.
  • Increase challenge by providing less rest between exercises.
  • Offer endless options for variety.
  • For each cycle, use different exercises and adjust the timing.
  • Provide options for increasing or decreasing intensity, depending on participant needs.

Fit Frenzy Details

TIME: 60 minutes

FORMAT: circuits mixed with high-intensity interval training

GOAL/EMPHASIS: total-body strength and cardio

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: steps with platforms, Gliding™ discs or paper plates, small weighted balls, dumbbells, stability balls and BOSU® Balance Trainers

MUSIC: 130 beats per minute


  • Set up six stations around the periphery of the room.
  • Have participants travel in small groups from one station to the next.
  • Offer different timing at each station, to keep students interested.
  • Set up two to five sets of equipment at each station, depending on class size.
  • Offer a 2-minute rest between cycles, and use this time to review exercises for the next round.

Introduction and Warm-Up (8–10 minutes)

Briefly review all exercises for the first cycle. Label each station so that participants have a visual cue to use as a reference. Preview the movements, going over alignment and safety. Select exercises for all planes of motion, beginning with simple movements and gradually increasing range of motion and intensity.

Gather students in the middle of the room and lead the following (16 repetitions, 2×):

  • March in place, then jog in place.
  • Squat and add lateral movement (right, then left).
  • Do alternating front lunges, followed by alternating rear lunges.
  • Do plank with an alternating knee-in. Reach knee to opposite elbow (rotate).
  • Alternate push-ups with side planks.
  • Work Phase (45 minutes)

    Cycle One

    Do each exercise for 60 seconds, taking 15 seconds to transition. Move in a clockwise direction.

  • box jump off high bench
  • mountain climber with discs
  • squat, swinging small weighted ball overhead when standing
  • renegade row with dumbbells
  • elbow plank with forearms on stability ball, bringing knee to ball, alternating sides
  • alternating front lunge to top of BOSU ball dome

  • Cycle Two

    Do each exercise for 60 seconds, and take 15 seconds to transition. Move in a


    direction. Have participants meet in the middle of the room for a 60-second cardio drill between stations.

    • step-up on high bench, with alternating lead leg
    • jumping jack (cardio)
    • plank on discs (progression: bring knees in and out)
    • squat jump (cardio)
    • squat, tossing weighted ball overhead
    • jumping jack (cardio)
    • overhead press
    • squat jump (cardio)
    • incline supine crunch on stability ball
    • jumping jack (cardio)
    • alternating rear lunge from top of BOSU dome
    • squat jump

    Cycle Three

    Do each exercise for 45 seconds, taking 15 seconds to transition. Move in a clockwise direction.

    • plyometric triceps dip to standing on bench (do triceps dip, then push to standing position after each repetition)
    • plank to pike on discs
    • squat with rotation, holding small weighted ball
    • triceps kickback with dumbbells
    • push-up with shins on stability ball
    • burpee while holding BOSU handles (platform up)

    Cycle Four

    Do each exercise for 45 seconds, taking 15 seconds to transition. Rotate in a counterclockwise direction. Meet in the middle of the room for the plyometric cardio drills.

    • burpee box jump (burpee on floor, then jump onto bench)
    • plyometric lunge (stationary lunge, with hop to switch lead legs)
    • superman with feet on discs (bring knee to outside elbow, alternating sides)
    • plyometric jumping jack (jump to wide squat, jump to narrow stance)
    • squat, circling ball in frontal plane
    • plyometric lunge
    • biceps curl with dumbbells
    • plyometric jumping jack
    • prone back extension (feet wide, hips on stability ball)
    • plyometric lunge
    • squat on top of BOSU dome
    • plyometric jumping jack

    Cool-Down and Stretch (5 minutes)

    Have students do the following upper-body stretches while walking in a circle around the room:

    • Overhead triceps stretch: Reach R arm overhead, bend elbow, reach fingertips down back and pull arm in with opposite hand; repeat on other side.
    • Standing latissimus dorsi stretch: Reach R arm overhead and use L arm to grasp wrist and reach L, stretching laterally; repeat on other side.
    • Chest expansion: Clasp hands behind lower back and gently lift arms.
    • Face center of room and stretch calves, hamstrings and quadriceps.

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