There are many unique and creative ways to help participants strengthen their cores. This mini routine improves sports performance and enhances bone mineral density in the cervical spine. In sports-themed classes, instructors often teach exercises in unstable body positions. You can, of course, also teach core moves from an unstable posture (Willardson 2007). Train the core for proximal-to-distal force generation with simple equipment that most fitness facility group fitness studios already have: rubber resistance tubing and bands (Kibler, Press &Sciascia 2006).

Hip/Core Rotation: Lunge Position

Hip Core Rotation Lunge

This movement starts with hip rotation and then continues with resisted core rotation. The concentric phase is quick (1 second), followed by a slower eccentric phase (3 seconds).

  • Begin with left leg forward, right leg back; strong athletic posture.
  • Anchor resistance or ask partner to hold it.
  • Maintain strong grip, arms extended (shorten lever if needed).
  • Rotate quickly and powerfully from hips.
  • Follow with powerful core rotation.
  • Move arms from far L to far R, 10–15 reps.
  • Switch sides and repeat.
  • Cross-Body Pull-Up

    Hip Core Rotation Lunge

    Once again, hip rotation starts the movement; however, in this move the knee extends as the arms pull the band or tubing up. The concentric phase is quick (1 second), followed by a slower eccentric phase (3 seconds).

  • Anchor resistance with R foot, and grip firmly with both hands.
  • Keep knees bent.
  • Start movement as R knee extends and hips rotate.
  • Rotate core as arms pull resistance up and across body from R knee to above L shoulder; 10–15 reps.
  • Bird-Dog With Resistance

    Hip Core Rotation Lunge

    This move includes strong shoulder abduction and scapular adduction, which enhance BMD and neutral loading of the spine.

  • Start on all fours. Extend L hip, knee straight, toe pointed.
  • Anchor resistance with L hand.
  • Hold tubing or band with strong grip in R hand (R arm horizontally abducted).
  • Raise L leg and R arm simultaneously.
  • Lower toes and hand back to ground.
  • Use 2 counts up, 2 counts down; 10 reps each side.