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Pure Energy

Energy assumes many forms and “personalities.” Physicists have described it as the fundamental substance of everything in the universe. That’s a pretty broad concept to wrap your brain around, isn’t it? Without delving too deeply into the black hole that houses the score of definitions describing the physical and nonphysical qualities of this mysterious life force, let’s just say that, insofar as the energy of the IDEA universe goes, we couldn’t agree more with our learned friends in the scientific world. There is no doubt that your energy is the fundamental substance upon which we base everything we do.

If energy is such essential food for life, then the 2005 IDEA World Fitness Convention® was a smorgasbord that will sustain us and the staff here for many months to come. For 5 days in July (5–9), we watched as more than an estimated 5,000 fitness professionals from 62 countries—including delegates, assistants, exhibitors, faculty and staff—fed off the pure vitality and purpose of gathering to learn, network, and infuse each other with IDEA’s mission: to Inspire the World to Fitness®. With so many devotees sharing the buzz, it’s an easy leap of faith to say that the only place in Vegas pumping out more energy than the power grid was this convention.

The depth and variety of the 2005 IDEA World Fitness education program were unsurpassed in the industry. There were 10 diverse tracks covering the range of specialty areas in a fitness practitioner’s skill inventory, and they were taught by the most elite corps of international fitness presenters ever gathered. The Fitness & Wellness Expo served as a showcase of tools; 154 exhibitors shared a wealth of product knowledge and demonstrated many creative concepts. (Look for full coverage of the convention—including some exciting photojournalism—in next month’s issue.)

As first-time attendee Judy Salinsky put it in a follow-up note a few days after the event, “I had no idea what to expect. I imagined young hard bodies (majority young men) prancing around looking in the mirror whenever the opportunity arose. Boy, was I wrong. There were people from all over the world, from their 20s to 80 years young, all “on the move” to get to the next class. Everyone was there to learn more to help the 90% who need our guidance and motivation to change their life for the better. . . . Thanks to IDEA for [providing] such great inspiration!”

Our thanks go right back out to Judy and all of you for giving us the opportunity to be part of such a meaningful global pursuit. Through our publications, events, editorial products and website, IDEA will continue to offer you the finest education possible to help you spread your considerable talents and dynamism for a goal that’s much larger than all of us.

Most basically defined, energy is the ability “to do work” or “to bring about changes.” In our industry, it seems these two cannot exist exclusively. One begets the other, and a chain effect ensues. How profound to think that your ability to apply knowledge—to do work—brings about changes that can be life altering for others . That’s yet another weighty concept to ponder. In fact, we think it’s in a class of physics all its own.

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Energetically yours,

Kathie and Peter Davis

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