Fitness professionals,
especially group instructors, exercise their vocal cords almost as much as they
exercise their muscles. Here are some sound tips from speech pathologists to
keep your voice healthy:

Stay Hydrated. If the mucous membranes
surrounding the vocal folds become dry, they cannot vibrate effectively.

Cut Out Caffeine. Caffeinated beverages, such as
coffee, tea and some sodas, can dry out the vocal cords.

Give Up the Gum. Gum chewing makes you swallow
often, which dries out the throat.

Lose the Menthyl

Menthyl lozenges are extremely drying to the throat. Instead, select lemon
drops or sugar-free hard candies.

Avoid Alcohol. Alcoholic beverages are also
likely to dry the vocal cords.

Soothe the
herbal (decaffeinated) tea is good for soothing the throat; lemon and honey
added to a glass of warm water will likewise be gentle on the vocal cords.