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Power Up Your Potential at the IDEA® World Convention

When Carrie Haines registered for her first IDEA World Convention, in
2002, she had no idea how profoundly that decision would influence her

“The connections I have made through IDEA World have led me to become a
fitness writer, educator, and master trainer for three major fitness
brands,” explains Truckee, California–based Haines, who is also a
fitness program advisor. “Attending IDEA World has opened so many doors
for me professionally and personally. I have met the most incredible
people and built friendships and business relationships that will last a

This year, Haines will add another accomplishment to her resumé as she
heads to L.A. in July to join the team of more than 200 industry experts
sharing insider knowledge on everything from exercise program design and
behavior change to marketing, nutrition, management, and the latest
trends in group and mind-body programming. Haines wants you to
join her. “This industry is constantly changing and evolving, which is
why continuing education is critical to a fitness professional’s
success,” she urges. “All that I’ve learned by attending IDEA
conferences has made me far more valuable and credible as a trainer and
as an educator.”

Read on to find out some of what Haines and other members of IDEA
World’s distinguished faculty have in store.

Electric Education

With more than 370 educational sessions and up to 23 CECs, IDEA World
has more than enough content to fuel professionals from all facets of
the industry. Here’s a small sampling of what you can expect:

Small-group training continues to strengthen its influence on the
fitness landscape, offering fitness pros a chance to help more
people—and make more money—while giving consumers high-quality education
for a lower rate.

  • How to Maximize Revenue From Small-Group Training
  • Cuing, Coaching and Communicating With Small Groups
  • Ramp Up Your Group Training Business With the Functional Movement
    Screen™ (FMS)
  • GAME-ification of Small-Group Training Programs

With the small-group format thriving, presenter Irene Lewis-McCormick,
MS, insists that pros who lead sessions must develop powerful
communication skills. “Performance-based cues are more important than
ever because group training—particularly small-group—is typically a
fee-based experience, and fitness consumers want quality programming as
well as personalized instruction,” she explains.

Lewis-McCormick plans to arm attendees with the cues and communication
tools to create a more successful small-group training experience.

Expand your client reach and target new markets by learning how
to work with niche populations.

  • Functional Power Training for Older Clients
  • 10 Simple Youth Fitness Assessment Solutions
  • Help Your Overweight Clients—Be a Part of the Solution!
  • Solutions for Training Postpregnancy Clients

“Diastasis recti is a natural part of pregnancy, delivery 
and birth
recovery that is often ignored by the medical community,” explains
Kristen Horler, MS, CEO of Inspiring Wellness LLC, who plans to address
the topic in her session “Solutions for Training Postpregnancy Clients”
(with Kylan Pimley). “With the increase in physical activity among women
over the last four decades, it is more important than ever that we
educate fitness professionals on movements that are safe and effective
for strengthening a postpartum client’s core muscles. We have learned [a
successful approach] from our 15+ years of professional fitness
experience with postpartum women, and from working with physical
therapists who specialize in women’s health and wellness.”

Over the past several years, nutrition has become a prominent
focus in helping individuals achieve long-term results.

  • Get the Most Out of Your 60 Minutes—Nutrition Strategies for Before,
    During and After Exercise
  • Protein Overload: Are You Eating More Than You Need?
  • The Cost of Getting Lean—Is It Really Worth the Tradeoff?
  • Rebranding Exercise: It’s Not About Weight

“What is the optimal amount of protein to eat? Sounds like a practical
question,” says Christopher Gardner, PhD, professor of medicine at
Stanford University. “In practice, many Americans seem to currently
believe that the simplest answer is ‘more.’ Unpacking the question and
addressing as many different perspectives as possible will be my focus
when I present an engaging combination of science and humor to tackle
this question.”

There’s no getting around it—people are feeling stressed by life’s daily
demands. Help spread well-being by upgrading your mind-body know-how.

  • Functional Healing
  • Heavily Meditated and Highly Motivated—Meditation for the Fitness Mind
  • Fast Track Feldenkrais® for the Fitness Professional
  • Groundplay: Explore Traditional Pilates Techniques

“For as long as I can remember, the fitness industry has talked about
the mind-body connection, yet as fitness professionals we spend the
majority of our hours training the body from the neck down,” educator
Petra Kolber says. “Science is now proving that our thoughts contribute
much to our success or failure. In my session ‘Heavily Meditated, Highly
Motivated,’ you
will learn the science of what happens to the brain when

you meditate, how meditation impacts your health, and how you can
introduce meditation to your clients in a nonthreatening and accessible

Building a business requires more than a thorough understanding of
anatomy and physiology. Learn the most effective strategies to maximize
profits and growth.

  • Build a Stronger Business and Life in 12 Months—Work Smarter, Not
  • Package and Sell Your Fitness Expertise Online
  • Strategize Your Social Media With Six Steps to Success
  • Fit Biz 101: Flex Your Marketing Muscle to Grow, Retain and Succeed

Amanda Vogel, MA, founder of Active Voice, believes that one of the gaps
in business growth is an effective social media campaign. She says,
“Many people are missing the big picture of what they actually want to
achieve on social media—and how to do it.”

Vogel plans to bring that big picture into focus in her session,
“Strategize Your Social Media With Six Steps to Success.” “Knowing what
your plan is on social media serves three important purposes: You save
an enormous amount of time and resources; you develop a clear sense of
what and when to post on social media (and why you’re posting it); and
you gain insight about whether you’re reaching your business goals
through measurable outcomes.”

Exclusive Experiences

IDEA World is always brimming with energetic activities that create a
well-rounded and unforgettable experience. Check out some of the
thrilling special fitness events taking place this July:

IDEA World Challenge Arena, Fueled by Gatorade® and Propel®

Take a break from learning, and step into the Challenge Arena, where
you’ll have a variety of chances to put your skills to the test.

  • Go for gold as you aim to outmuscle other attendees during a set of
    grueling fitness challenges at the IDEA Summer Games, Powered by SPRI®
  • .

  • Experience the EPIC Series Challenge, the first-ever functional
    obstacle course featuring more than a dozen fitness challenges, plus
    cardio and plyometric routines.
  • Don’t miss Body Weight Match-Up, a supercharged lunchtime body
    weight–only workout.

IDEA World Showcase Room

Experience high-energy concert-style shows and workouts that feature
your favorite fitness personalities.

  • 22-Minute Hard Corps, with Tony Horton
  • 7-Day Jump Start Body Weight Workout, with Natalie Jill
  • BODYSHRED™, with Jillian Michaels
  • POP Pilates® Showcase Party! with Cassey Ho
  • The Real TD Boot Camp Experience, with Todd Durkin
  • Inspiration Medals

    Throughout the fitness event, you will have lots of opportunities to put your
    physical and mental prowess to the test and win a coveted Inspiration

    For more information, see www.ideafit.com/world.

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