I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for a fantastic conference [2009 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute]. The response and involvement from the delegates were excellent. I really enjoyed sessions by Justin Price, Anthony Carey, Nicki Anderson, Cody Sipe and Fraser Quelch; and the panel discussion [“How to Maximize Your Business in a Tough Economy”] was
informative, applicable and particularly upbeat, which I feel is just what was required at this time. The programming and content were excellent, making this a truly comprehensive conference.

In a time when the fitness industry is searching for reassurance, pockets of hope and good guidance, I firmly believe that IDEA has elevated itself to a new level through this convention. I am proud to be associated with the organization and cannot wait to connect again at the 2009 IDEA World Fitness Convention.

Darren Jacobson

Virgin Active South Africa

Capetown, South Africa

The [Personal Trainer Institute] weekend was excellent. I brought my entire team of six, despite the economic climate,
because the one thing everyone needs to continue to invest in is staff development. The best way to remain strong in this industry is to be good—really good. My team had a great time, and the [team’s] energy [on returning to work] was amazing. Thank you and your team for the work you do.

Frank Pucher

Roseland, New Jersey

Group Fitness Leadership for Personal Trainers

I just wanted to pass along kudos for the “Get Up to Speed With Group” article (February IDEA Fitness Journal, pp. 46–53). It was a much-needed article
in our field. Many personal trainers
try [teaching] groups without a background in group fitness leadership, so your ideas and suggestions were perfect for the novice. It’s often assumed that anyone can lead a group, but that isn’t always the case.

Lisa A. Workman, MA

Exercise Specialist/Kinesiologist

Edmonton Oliver Primary

Care Network

Edmonton, Alberta

Convention Programming, Video, Video!

I am salivating over all the course offerings for this year’s [IDEA World Fitness Convention]! I also have an
IDEA Educational Video Subscription, which
I hope will tide me over until August. The new IDEA Video Exercise Library, website layout and subscription service are amazing!

L.A. Bailey

Biggest Loser

When I read the “Biggest Loser Distorts Reality” commentary by Daniel R. Ball [April Fitness Forum, p. 6], I did a happy dance! Finally, someone in our beloved
industry spoke out about the absurdity of this show. I cannot tell you how many times I have said to clients, fellow colleagues (and really anyone who would listen) that I believe this is the worst show on television and it sends the absolute wrong message to the public. I even wrote to Oprah after she had the show’s trainers and some contestants on her program (the letter was not favorable, by the way).

Like Daniel, I have been a part of this profession for 28 years, earning many certifications and training clients for many hours. In addition, I’ve earned a master’s degree in exercise science, and I take my career (and passion) for fitness/exercise very seriously. I am embarrassed by this show, and I believe every fitness professional should educate all clients by letting them know this is the exact opposite of what “real” fitness training is. Hooray and kudos to Daniel for writing this piece and to IDEA for publishing it!

Laura S. Gideon, MS

Bamboo Balance LLC

Los Angeles, California

I love it when I see letters like Daniel R. Ball’s. I couldn’t agree more. I am so sick of The Biggest Loser being the “model” for personal trainers. Why can’t we have a “Smartest Loser” contest? Whenever I say that, people look at me like I have three heads, and some have actually chastised me for being negative. Being sequestered for 6 months, starved, driven into the ground physically and humiliated on camera for ratings is hardly any way to be “healthy.” How sorry our industry has become in the public eye.

Nancy L. Jerominksi

Owner, NLJ Fitness &


SeaTac, Washington

It’s good to know that I am not alone in my disgust with this so-called “reality” show. The comments from Daniel R. Ball concerning the true reality of The Biggest Loser are on the mark! As a certified personal trainer, I, too, have spent several years trying to present myself as a responsible, educated professional. I waste so much time in group presentations and client assessments trying to explain why the “reality” of The Biggest Loser doesn’t work in the real world. I am now encountering people who are under medical care for trying to imitate what they see on the show. They are losing time and money going through rehab to undo what they have seen or heard on this program. 

Philip Steele

PS: Fitness

Warsaw, Indiana n