IDEA member and fitness and Pilates consultant and instructor Kevin Bowen, based in Denver, has created a Pilates mat and equipment program to address the specific needs of men in their 40s, 50s and beyond, while also educating Pilates instructors about these requirements.

Bowen believes that Pilates is an ideal method of training for men in these age brackets, but he emphasizes that a program geared to the “prime male” must target a man’s changing body and his psyche.

“Key principles [of the program] are under┬¡standing the basics of communications differences between men and women and how to create movement success for this population. Knowing the health issues of the aging male is essential,” said Bowen. Important physical concerns for this population include hormonal changes, increased risk of prostate and heart health conditions, presence of past injuries and potential current injury risk.

Sample exercises include hip bridges and prone upper-back extensions on the mat, roll-downs on the trap table and long stretches on the reformer to increase flexibility, range of motion, muscle balance, engagement of the mind and body, and full-body integration.

To learn more, contact Bowen at [email protected]