Pedometers are the new fitness toys;
people everywhere are clipping them on. Unfortunately, the novelty eventually wears off and the “toys” end up in drawers, dresser catchalls and car consoles. Perhaps one reason why pedometers lose their appeal is that people don’t follow a set program that logs steps, distance and time. To motivate clients and participants to continue walking and using their pedometers, share the following imaginative ideas.

Pedometer Walking Programs

Active Lifestyle Program

Download an activity log form, or track and log daily progress online. Earn awards for reaching specific goals.

Creative Walking Inc.

Receive a book, a 52-week log and a pedometer. The school program incorporates pedometers, logs, a “Walk Across America” theme, a staff wellness program and family activities.

New-Lifestyles Inc.

Choose from programs geared to elementary and secondary schools or teens and adults. Do a virtual walk across various geographic regions with CHALLENGE charts.

America on the Move

Log pedometer steps online and receive a free newsletter on healthy eating and active living.

Cornerstone Fitness 10,000 Steps-a-Day

Join this 8-week program and receive a pedometer, access to the Web site for logging and coaching tips, exercises, a T-shirt and a weekly newsletter.

Track and chart steps with this online database. Compete with others, create a club or join existing clubs.

AccuStep Activity Wellness Programs

Receive a stride-measuring tape, footstep challenge poster and pedometer, plus a behavior modification plan.

HealthPartners’ 10,000 Steps Program

Track steps taken in everyday activities such as shopping or walking to the office. Includes pedometer and a secure, personal online log.

Webwalking USA

Track steps, mileage or time with a virtual walk on the American Discovery Trail.

Walking Stars Weekly Challenge

Track steps online and qualify to win an award each week.

Walk Off the Weight

Join this program and gain access to an online log, personalized walking programs and fitness calculators.

Use these interactive programs with existing or new clients to add appeal and extra incentives. Maybe you’ll be inspired to come up with your own ideas!