Rise up to a new level as a fitness professional. Feed your knowledge. Sharpen your skills. And POWER YOUR POTENTIAL at the 2018 NSCA Personal Trainers Conference.

Join us in Baltimore, Maryland, for career opportunities designed to benefit every level of trainer. For 3 days, we’ll encourage you to learn the latest from industry experts; we’ll push you to apply cutting-edge science in hands-on drills; and we’ll help you elevate yourself to surpass the competition. With the most up-to-date information on topics like nutritional coaching, behavioral components in training, and supplementation right at your fingertips, it’s an experience you don’t want to skip.

You’ll take away knowledge you can immediately start using with your clients at home. Over 3 days, our collection of dynamic sessions will advance multiple aspects of your career as industry leaders focus on strength and conditioning research, nutrition, business development, and hands-on application.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT | Learn how to expand and elevate your brand, build a loyal client base, and keep your clients coming back for more.

>The Fitness Business Owner Journey: 5 Stages of Skill Development for Success | Ryan Ketchum

HANDS-ON | Grow as a personal training professional with hands-on learning sessions that focus on critical skills in exercise technique, progressions, and alternative training methods.

>3D Legs: New Drills to Add a Unique “Twist” to Training and Get to the Cause of Injuries | Michael Griffith

NUTRITION | Chew on the latest nutritional information, and understand how to better educate your clients and help them on their road to success.

>The Paleoketoveganmacro fasting Diet: Stop the Madness | Shawn Arent

RESEARCH | Arm yourself with the newest research in training methodology and program design, and learn more about the innovative approaches practiced by your peers.

>Resistance Training Frequency: How Often Should You Train to Maximize Strength and Hypertrophy? | Brad Schoenfeld

Be a part of power-packed sessions led by some of the industry’s best, including MIKE ISRAETEL, head science consultant at Renaissance Periodization; JOHN RUSIN, owner of John Rusin Fitness Systems and Dr. John Rusin Physical Therapy; SCOTT RAWCLIFFE, co-owner of Revera Health & Fitness; and more. You won’t want to miss this unparalleled opportunity to rise up to a new level in your career with knowledge, skills and confidence that can only be found here.

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