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Learn How to Boost Business Impact, Income and Longevity

Since its inception in 1982, IDEA Health & Fitness Association has aimed to build a community of like-minded professionals into the driving force behind greater health and wellness worldwide.

Nowhere is this more evident than at the IDEA® World Convention, where over 10,000 personal trainers, group fitness instructors, club and studio owners/managers, and health, nutrition and mind-body professionals from all corners of the industry—and the earth—gather to discover trusted and innovative ways to improve the health and wellness of the clients, customers and communities they serve.

This year’s event—in Las Vegas, July 19–23—promises an even more in-depth experience than ever.

Learn about some of the outstanding content that will help personal trainers, entrepreneurs, and club and studio owners to build careers and businesses that thrive.

Hot Topics

Target Specialty Populations
As clients’ needs become more varied, professionals with a knack for working with specialty populations will remain in high demand. Pilates teacher and author Jillian Hessel knows about the need for specialization. That’s why she’s built programs to help older adults improve functional capacity.

“Older adults take longer to recover from orthopedic injuries, and maintaining muscular strength, mobility and balance is vital to preserve an independent and functional lifestyle as we age,” Hessel says. “Regular Pilates workouts can definitely help with all of these exercise goals.”

Do you want to boost your specialty know-how? Check out the following sessions:

  • Complete Program Design for the Obese/Overweight Client
  • Functional Balance for the Active Aging Adult
  • Challenges and Training Solutions for Gen-X Clients
  • Smarter Exercise for Smarter, Fitter Kids!
  • Fat-Loss Programming for Your Female Clients

Leverage Fitness Technology
Innovation has led to the development of a wide variety of technology tools—for everything from assessment and performance enhancement to marketing and gym management—and all fitness professionals can use these tools to enhance their careers and effect positive change among the people they serve. It is for these reasons that IDEA World continues to feature a growing and robust selection of education and offerings from the biggest brands in tech. Don’t miss out on this year’s innovative tech-based sessions:

  • Momentech Fitness Introduces VisionBody and deceBel Next Generation Workouts
  • Marketing Tools to Dominate in a Crowded Marketplace, by MBO
  • Total-Body Workout With Polar® Club: Heart Rate–Based Training
  • Can Technology Be Harnessed to Inspire Lasting Behavior Change?
  • Retain and Motivate Members With Polar® Club: Heart Rate–Based Training

Strengthen Your Business Strategy
While fitness entrepreneurs tend to enter the industry because they love helping others, that’s simply not possible without a solid business foundation. The best minds in fitness business will be on hand at IDEA World to share how they created competitive companies. Look for these sessions:

  • Corporate Wellness: Seize the Opportunity
  • Building Your Dream Facility
  • How to Attract Leads and Dominate Sales
  • Five Minutes to IGNITE a Better Business
  • Lead Generation Made Easy: Get More Clients in the Door
  • Dominating Sales: A Proven Method to Close More Deals

Secure Greatness at the IDEA Success Academy

Achieving career greatness and business mastery requires making things happen instead of reacting to things that are happening, says Kimberly Spreen-Glick, program director for EMPOWER! Events and senior director of group fitness, yoga and indoor cycling at Life Time® Fitness. Spreen-Glick will share her insights on how to effectively address life’s challenges in her IDEA Success Academy session, “Breaking Your Barriers to Success.”

“This session will hone in on the five ways we often unknowingly place obstacles on our own path to success and how creating awareness around these ‘traps’ alone can help ensure we stop the madness,” she says.

This is just one of seven IDEA Success Academy sessions planned that will help to change your thinking and your future. Led by some of the most inventive minds in the business, you’ll walk away from the Success Academy with a freshly filled toolbox of best practices, foolproof systems and inspiration to help you get ahead in your career—and your life.

  • Create WOW in Your Business and Life, with Todd Durkin, MA
  • The Productivity Strategies of Superachievers, with Darren Hardy
  • Get Out of Your Own Way, with Shannon Fable
  • Expand Your Brand Beyond Expectations, with Randy Hetrick, MBA, and Fraser Quelch
  • Game-Changing Ideas From a Serial Entrepreneur, with Sol Orwell
  • Road to Resilience: Turn Stress Into Strength, with SGT. KEN®

For more information visit www.ideafit.com/world.

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