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International Activity Competition Yields Positive Results

It’s no mystery that people should move more. Through Stepathlon—“a pedometer-based, mass participation event”—co-founder and CEO Ravi Krishnan has motivated many people to do just that, and in a monumental way. With the implementation of a 100-day race, he has helped more than 68,000 corporate employees from 64 countries to become more active. Recently, researchers wanted to know exactly how effective this program has been.

Their report, published in the American Journal of Cardiology (2016; doi:10.1016/j.jacc.2016.03.472), analyzed weight, sit time and physical activity levels among Stepathlon participants from 2012 to 2014.

The findings are promising: On average, event participants took at least 3,500 extra steps per day; added nearly an extra day of exercise per week; reduced sit time by 45 minutes per day; and lost just over 3 pounds.
“Improvements occurred in women and men, in all geographic regions, and in both high and lower-middle income countries, and reproduced in 2012, 2013, 2014 cohorts,” the authors stated. “Predictors of weight loss included step increase, sitting duration decrease, and increase in exercise days.”

The Stepathlon 100-day race takes place September through December, and during the rest of the year Stepathletes engage in tailored “stepping-stone” activities to help them stay healthy and prepare for the race. Employees either go it alone or create teams of five. The fees, $62.50 for individuals or $312.50 for teams, are
to be paid by the employer. Participants receive BUDD-E pedometers, have access to the Stepathlon course website for 12 months, and log daily step count on the website.

“When we started Stepathlon, our objective was to create a health and wellness ecosystem that would help people understand just how simple it is to get fit,” says Krishnan on the Stepathlon website. “We have now engaged with over 180,000 people from 54 countries across the world. And 2016 will see us evolve into far more than a 100-Day Race.”

To learn more about the program, visit www.stepathlon.com.

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