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INSPIRED35: Fitness Leadership Longevity

Since its inception in 1982, IDEA Health & Fitness Association has aimed to build a community of like-minded professionals who are the driving force behind greater health and wellness worldwide.

Nowhere is this more evident than at the IDEA World Convention, where over 10,000 personal trainers, group fitness instructors, club and studio owners/managers, and health, nutrition and mind-body professionals from all corners of the industry—and the earth—gather to discover trusted and innovative ways to improve the health and wellness of the clients, customers and communities they serve.

This year’s event—in Las Vegas, July 19–23—promises an even more in-depth experience than ever, giving you the tools, techniques and insights to build a better, more fulfilling, life-changing career. In addition to the education—more than 335 cutting-edge sessions led by 225 of the most talented experts in fitness, business, nutrition and behavior change are available for your choosing—IDEA will be pulling out all the stops to mark its 35th anniversary with a variety of unparalleled inspirational experiences and high-energy celebrations.

Learn to Survive, Thrive and Prosper
at the IDEA World Club & Studio Summit

Designed specifically for club and studio owners, operators, program directors and managers, the IDEA World Club & Studio Summit returns to offer everything you need to transform a good business into a great one. This 4-day, intensive event features top educators who have developed world-class studios, brands and companies that thrive and prosper. And these leaders are there to pass on everything they’ve learned along the way. Here’s some of the stellar education that awaits you:

  • In his breakout session, “The Productivity Strategies of Superachievers,” Darren Hardy will teach you how to become more disciplined and eliminate your addiction to distraction. At the end of this workshop you will be able to implement an action plan that will turn you into a superachiever.

    “Honing in on your three—yes, only three—vital priorities is an absolute necessity in today’s email, text and social media notification–driven world,” says the success mentor and New York Times best-selling author. “Once you know your vital three, you then must protect them with a vengeance. In July at IDEA World, I will show you how to hone in and protect your vital three [priorities] so you can get more done in less time.”

  • Successful owners and managers know that a thriving fitness business is based on keeping clients. Alicia Streger, CSCS, and co-owner of KB Fitness Systems LLC, believes that retention is built or broken within the first 90 days. Her session, “The Key to Client Retention: The First 90 Days,” will outline the systems she uses for retaining more clients.

    “You’ll learn how to create incredible welcome packages, build email nurture sequences, generate a steady flow of referrals, and a lot more!” says the presenter.

    One of her top tips for happy clients is to make sure they feel appreciated immediately.

    “If you want to improve your client retention, one great strategy would be to mail your new clients a personal goal card in the mail. Sending them a handwritten card with their top 1–3 goals on it (within their first week with you) will show your clients that you truly care about their success, and will separate you from your competition.”

  • As the saying goes, “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” Presenter Pat Rigsby, MS, founder and owner of Virtual Fitness Mastermind, wants to help you design a bulletproof action plan that will drive your business to new heights.

    “If your goal is to create a successful business action plan, the focus should be on doing fewer things better,” Rigsby advises. “All too often, we allow ourselves to be pulled in too many different directions, never dedicating enough of our focus and resources toward the few things that will have the greatest impact on our success.” Learn Rigsby’s action-plan secrets in the session “Creating Your Ideal Business Action Plan.”

  • Skills alone don’t guarantee a ticket to the top. It’s all about branding, says John Heringer, founder and chief motivator of Fast Action Training Inc. His rule number one? “Don’t be all things to all people,” he advises. “It’s a recipe for disaster.”

    In his lecture “Branding: Rising Above a Crowded Marketplace,” Heringer will give you a peek at what he does to create a brand that gets his club lots of exposure.

    “You will discover the importance of identifying your company’s purpose and core values as well as the brand promises you stand by,” he says. “I’ll also provide an in-depth look at how to craft a client survey and extract the data that will lead to a more favorable experience for members, which will help direct marketing efforts.”

Check out these other incredible sessions available during the IDEA World Club & Studio Summit:

  • Run Your Business Like a Boss with Liberty Harper
  • Build Your Dream Team of Superheroes with Mark Fisher
  • Five Minutes to IGNITE a Better Business with Club & Studio Summit Sponsors
  • Lead Generation Made Easy: Get More Clients in the Door with Mike Arce, Vito La Fata and Alicia Streger
  • Dominating Sales: A Proven Method to Close More Deals with Vince Gabriele
  • Best Practices of Club Management: Top to Bottom Line with Trina Gray
  • Your Turn! Q&A With Club and Studio Experts with Club & Studio Summit Faculty
For more information, see www.ideafit.com/clubsummit .

Photograph by Len Spoden.

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