If you want to tap into your superpowers to succeed in fitness, there’s no better place to find the tools and inspiration you need than the “Super Bowl of Fitness,” the 2015 IDEA World Fitness Convention, July 15–19, in the heart of Los Angeles. The energy will be off the charts as more than 12,000 personal trainers, group fitness professionals, mind-body instructors, owners and managers from more than 60 countries take in the top education program in the industry, with 375 cutting-edge lectures, workouts and workshops from over 200 world-renowned presenters.

At the event, you can sharpen your skills and expand your market reach with specialized training; network with leaders at the forefront of the industry; and be the first to preview more than 300 top brands at the IDEA World Fitness & Nutrition Expo. The Expo hall is the hub for fitness innovation, offering the latest in new equipment, technology, food and apparel. Attendees will see dozens of new-product launches and get the best deals for bringing product home— along with news, research and new programs and ideas to share with clients and members.

Nutrition and technology will be two of the main focuses in the Expo hall in 2015. No other industry event offers the broad scope of nutrition information that you’ll find at the Nutrition Pavilion, a unique IDEA exclusive, with cooking celebrities, healthy eating tips and over 70 featured nutrition companies. Attendees will sample healthy food favorites and get a huge volume of nutrition tips and ideas to take back to clients.

In the Expo hall, you’ll also find out what’s on the horizon in fitness technology, including activity and nutrition trackers and wearables; apps for managing music, client programs and social media; and new features for exercise equipment. You’ll get the latest info on tech tools to give you a competitive edge, expand your fitness services and simplify your life.

On the main stage in the Expo hall, attendees will meet fitness celebrities, including Jillian Michaels; participate in cooking demonstrations; get great how-to ideas; and sample mouthwatering new products. You can check out the IDEA eXertainment Stage to see the world’s top fitness performers and the latest in trending workouts from around the world.

IDEA Success Academy

You have a message to share, but how do you get noticed and turn your passion into healthy income? The brand-new IDEA Success Academy, “Make It Big and Make It Matter,” a 1-day special event on Friday, July 17, will feature top industry entrepreneurs with insider tips on how to turn your love of fitness into the life of your dreams.

Sessions will share how you can double or triple your income, automate marketing, create new income streams, get published, build social media followings, become a paid speaker or spokesperson, and much more.

IDEA Success Academy presenters include athlete and author Bo Eason; best-selling authors J.J. Virgin, Mark Macdonald, Sue Hitzmann, MS, and Sara Gottfried, MD; self-healing expert Fabrizio Mancini, DC; Mike Koenigs, founder of the integrated lead capture and sales program Instant Customer; Stephen Griffith, creator of the High Performance Coaching program It’s Not Selling, It’s Serving®; and fitness expert and author Alex Isaly.

Presenter J.J. Virgin will share 10 lessons she learned while building two seven-figure brands. “The idea that there has to be competition among other professionals in your field is a myth,” she says. “In reality, people don’t buy one diet book or follow one fitness program. They collect. Your best referral sources are the experts who are most like you.” She adds that clients are another great resource. “Your unique brand is often right under your nose. It’s so close you can’t see it, but your clients can! Ask them why they sought you out and what they have heard about you.”

In the session “From the Ground Up,” six experts will talk about how to move beyond just selling your time to owning your time, so you can inspire not just hundreds but thousands or millions of people. “Imagine your potential if time wasn’t a factor,” says presenter Mark Macdonald. “I hear fitness pros say it takes too much time and money to create an online presence, write a book, do videos, be featured on local and national media or become a keynote speaker.”

There might have been some truth to that 10 years ago, but not now, says Macdonald. “Today, quality content is the king on all platforms: online, books, video, media and speaking. If you possess powerful content that people want and need, you’ll exponentially build your business and achieve all of your goals. Time and money are no longer the roadblocks that derail you.”

Presenter Sue Hitzmann will discuss myths about branding, to clarify how the term differs from advertising or marketing. “There is a myth that you need a lot of money or an investor to build a brand. That isn’t necessarily the case. One thing I know about fitness pros is that they love to help people, and they work hard, but they don’t always make the income they should. I’m going to share how I started as a group exercise instructor and built a multimillion-dollar business, and how other fitness pros can, too.”

Presenter Sara Gottfried says she’ll teach fitness pros how to market with integrity, which has helped her achieve a #1 ranked podcast on iTunes, a #5 ranked New York Times best-seller, and a seven-figure book advance. “It’s all about the baby steps that add up to major transformation, and I’ll share with you the top three baby steps that created the greatest return on investment.”

For example, Gottfried urges pros to shift from being fear-based to being fearless in their marketing. “Don’t build your platform on fear, as it’s unhealthy and undignified. Yes, people fear getting fat and they fear old age, but speak and write from your deeper longings, wishes and aspirations. People will love you for it, and support you through thick and thin. Talk about your vulnerabilities and how you overcame them, not by scaring people but by being authentic in your messaging. The fearless strategy will set you apart.”

Gottfried says she used to feel that she needed to appear as though she had everything figured out. “The truth is that being myself, being weird and a little messy, quoting Top 40 lyrics that I love, owning up to the piles all over my house, laughing about couples therapy and how my kids won’t eat the veggies I cook— it makes me more human, and people feel the truth in it.”

IDEA Success Academy sessions are included with IDEA World registration, or available with a 1-day ticket, but seating is limited (so register early).

Meet the Stars and Get Inspired

The stars will be shining throughout the convention! Attendees will have a chance to meet the best in the business and be inspired to find their own starpower. At the Opening Ceremonies:

  • The program will feature the dramatic story of New York
    Times best-selling author Brendon Burchard, star and executive producer of the top self-help show on YouTube with over 16 million views in 2014. His podcast, The Charged Life, debuted at #1 on iTunes in multiple countries.
  • Jenna Wolfe, TODAY show’s lifestyle and fitness correspondent, will receive the 2015 IDEA Jack LaLanne Award, presented by Elaine LaLanne.
  • Anthony Robles, who overcame adversity to become a three-time wrestling All-American and the 2011 NCAA Division I National Champion will be honored with the 2015 IDEA Fitness Inspiration Award.

And be sure to catch these other convention highlights and opportunities:

  • Meet Gabrielle (“Gabby”) Reece, fitness icon and former
    Women’s Beach Volleyball League star, who will present her new group exercise program, “HIGHX™: Train Like an Athlete, Powered by Lifeline,” at the 2015 convention. Reece will also be a keynote speaker for the IDEA World Fitness BlogFest.
  • Don’t miss BlogFest with Sweat Pink, the 4-day convention event that brings together health and fitness bloggers for special sessions on blogging and social media, celebrity workouts and exclusive access to all the top convention highlights.
  • Check out the IDEA World Showcase Room, with high-tech, concert-style shows by the biggest names in fitness, including Beto Perez, Jillian Michaels, Todd Durkin, MA, Leslie Sansone and Jeanette Jenkins.
  • Win an IDEA Inspiration Medal during educational sessions throughout the weekend. Prizes will be awarded during the Grand Finale on Saturday.
  • Get a firsthand look at the hottest new programs from top fitness clubs at Club Spotlight.
  • Compete in the high-adrenaline IDEA Summer Games quickness, strength and power competitions sponsored by SPRI®.
  • If you’re new to the fun, make sure you attend the IDEA Rookie Rumble for First-Timers, with games, drills, peer networking and a special IDEA welcome gift.

For more information see www.ideafit.com/world.

Program Yourself for Success

Where do you want to take your career or business in the next 12 months? Get the skills and knowledge you’ll need to get there from the industry’s biggest and most diverse education program, which includes more than 375 sessions. Here are some of the topics and sessions on this year’s program (for many more sessions, see www.ideafit.com/world):

Specific Populations, including Boomers and Older Adults, Women, Youth, Overweight and Obese Clients

  • Help Your Aging Clients Regain Flexibility and Mobility
  • BOSU®: Balance Basics and Beyond—Keys to Anti-Aging
  • No Bones About It! Best Programs for Osteoporosis
  • Working With the Overweight Client
  • Reshaping Youth Fitness
  • NASM®: Complete Exercise Program Design for Older Adults
  • Weight Gain During Menopause—Emerging Research

Small Group/Boot Camp/HIIT

  • Circuit Training—New Science and HIIT Protocols Explored!
  • TRX®: Partner Fusion Workout
  • EXTREME Equipment-LESS Boot Camp
  • NASM®: HIIT or HVIT? Which Do You Do and Do You Know the Difference?
  • Tabata BootcampTM—The Workout
  • The Shockwave Circuit: Finish Line Inferno!

Advanced Training Science and Research

  • Isolation vs. Integration: The Continued Controversy
  • FMSTM: Making Smarter Choices for Corrective and FunctionalExercise Programming
  • C.H.E.K Institute: Walking Tall—What Your Clients’ Gait CanTell You Before They Even Speak!
  • Gray Institute: Assessment and Programming for the SpineComplex: A Global to Local Approach
  • Strategies to Stop Joint Pain Series—MELT® NeuroCore
  • TriggerPoint 2.0: Advanced Applications of MyofascialCompressionTM Techniques (MCT)

Group Fitness

  • Functional Barbell Strength: Reps, Integration, Power (RIP) by Power Music | Group Rx
  • Schwinn® Cycling: Tabata Tantrum
  • CorePower Yoga®: Theming and Language for Yoga
  • BollyX®—The Bollywood Workout
  • STOTT PILATES®: Body Weight Training
  • TRX® Barre

Marketing and Business for Fitness Professional Entrepreneurs

  • Million-Dollar Personal Training Business
  • Think Inside the Box
  • 17 Social Media Tips for Your Fitness Career
  • Perform Better®: Explode Your Sales to Record Levels!

Strategies for Business Owners, Fitness Managers and Program Directors

  • Top 5 Strategies for Group Exercise Program Success
  • Creating a High-Performance Culture in Your Club
  • Tackle the Top 5 Challenges Facing Managers Today

Personal and Professional Growth

  • Tame Business Burnout for Good!
  • Living Your Vision, Passion and Business
  • Resilience Training for Fitness Professionals
  • The Credibility Factor for Women in Fitness


  • The Hidden Messages in Food
  • Precision Nutrition: How to Fix a Broken Diet—3 Ways toGet Your Eating on Track
  • Eating for Life: The Changing Needs of the Female Diet
  • Rethinking the 3,500-Calorie Rule
Early-Bird Reminder: There’s Still Time to Save

Don’t Delay—there’s still time to save $70! Early-bird pricing for the full convention is $399 for members, $489 for nonmembers. Early-bird pricing for the 1-day package is $219 for members, $259 for nonmembers. Hurry, early-bird pricing expires June 5, 2015.

Bring Your Fitness Fanatic Friends

On Saturday, July 18, IDEA is holding its third annual Fitness Fanatics Day, offering a $99 rate to enjoy a 1-day pass to work out with the world’s biggest names in fitness, surrounded by giant screens, giant sound and all the heart-pumping, live-performance energy that makes this day one of the most memorable and fun experiences of the weekend. Fitness Fanatics Day presenters Jeanette Jenkins, Jillian Michaels, Todd Durkin, MA, Beto Perez and Leslie Sansone will lead a lunchtime “Walk Concert”—the Fitness Walking Event like no other! For more information, see www.ideafit.com/world/fanatics.

Build Skills and Revenue With Preconference and Postconference Courses


  • Pilates Essentials for Personal Trainers, by Balanced Body® with Nico Gonzalez
  • FMSTM: Making Smarter Choices for Corrective and Functional Exercise Programming with Lee Burton, PhD, and Diane Vives, MS
  • BOSU®: Master Trainer Specialty Certification with Candice Brooks, Douglas Brooks, MS, and Shannon Fable
  • Schwinn® Cycling: Instructor Certification with Julz Arney and Jeffrey Scott
  • TRX®: Multimodality Training Course, Level 2 with Michael Piercy and Derek Snowden
  • NASM®: Complete Exercise Program Design for Older Adults with Rich Fahmy, MS
  • Barre AboveTM by Savvier® Fitness with Leslee Bender and Tricia Murphy-Madden
  • ACE®: Small-Group Training Workshop with Anthony Wall, MS
  • Eating for Life: The Changing Needs of the Female Diet with Kim Schwabenbauer, MS, RD
  • STOTT PILATES® Group Matwork™ Classes: Teaching Skills and Programming Choices with Merrithew Health & Fitness™ Faculty
  • Corrective Exercise Strategies to Move Better and Feel Better, by Balanced Body Fit with Brian Richey and Nora St. John, MS
  • Book Yourself Solid® with Shannon Fable

Postconferences: Sunday, July 19

  • 3-D XTREME™ Certification, Powered by BOSU® Workshop with Candice Brooks and Greg Sellar
  • U-JAM Fitness® Instructor Certification Workshopwith Susy C. Marks
  • Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED™ Instructor Certification WORKSHOP with Kendell Hogan and Kenta Seki
  • Zumba®: Jump Start Gold WORKSHOP with Joy Prouty
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