Meet Some Outstanding Members Who Inspire the World to Fitness®!

Amanda Vogel, MA
Vancouver, British Columbia
Member Since 1998



Amanda Vogel got her start in the fitness industry teaching group exercise classes about 15 years ago. Since then, she has donned several hats—including program director and vice president for a chain of women-only health clubs—which have propelled her toward her current career path. In 2004, Amanda decided to go solo and has worked as a self-employed fitness professional ever since. “My main job is writing articles,” she says. “I write exclusively on health, nutrition, the business of fitness and fitness in general. I consider one of my biggest achievements in the fitness industry to be my success in carving out a very specific niche for myself.”


Jennifer Kline
Scottsdale, Arizona
Member Since 2002



As a mother of three, Jennifer Kline understands the importance of helping youngsters embrace movement. “I’ve written about the childhood obesity epidemic in local parenting magazines, and I have appeared on local television programs to increase awareness of the epidemic and offer suggestions for raising healthy, happy kids,” says the pharmaceutical sales rep, personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Jennifer also has a passion for competing in running and triathlon events, and she is a national-level figure competitor. Despite the full life, she insists that her pursuits do not interrupt family time. “I get up before the rest of my family at 4:00 am to hit the gym. I get my time in without taking away from them.”

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