In an effort to raise the number of Americans playing sports or getting active and fit, the sports and fitness industry has launched PHIT America (www.phit

The organization’s primary function is to distribute news flashes and articles through its network of 120+ sponsors. IDEA Health & Fitness Association is one of the sponsors.

“I have known Peter & Kathie [Davis, IDEA CEO and co-founder, and executive director and co-founder, respectively] for years,” says PHIT America founder and former president of Wilson® Sporting Goods Company, Jim Baugh. “IDEA is such a great organization—[it is] dedicated to physical activity, fitness and health and is directly aligned with the PHIT America mission.”

PHIT America is backing several pieces of legislation aimed at supporting physical education programs in schools and allowing reimbursement for physical activity expenses through pretax medical accounts.

Baugh encourages fitness industry professionals to get involved. “Manufacturers, reps, retailers and IDEA professionals can help spread our message,” he says.

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