My wife, Kathie, and I started IDEA out of our house 34 years ago with a dream to Inspire the World to Fitness. Little did we know that fast forward 3 decades, we would have over 27,000 IDEA members with 50 amazing staff members supporting our mission.

Part of this dream has been to have an environment for our staff members (our “tribe”) that fully supports their health and fitness activities. When we asked the tribe 6 years ago what they would want to have in an IDEAL wellness community, they said everything from a full kitchen to a gym to a swimming pool.

To our amazement, the dream came true! We came across the perfect IDEA campus in San Diego where our tribe can focus on Inspiring the World to Fitness and couldn’t pass it up! Our campus now includes a swimming pool, tennis court, gym, healthy snacks, sit/stand desks, and more.

Click here to get a taste of our campus with a video tour. Come by and visit us sometime soon!

Keep Inspiring,

Peter Davis

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

IDEA Health & Fitness Association