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How DNA Influences Weight Loss

Weight loss is a multibillion-dollar industry affecting millions of people each year. And it’s no surprise that most of the collective thought about how to lose unwanted weight centers around the topics of food and exercise. After all, people who tend to eat healthier foods and exercise more stand a better chance of losing weight than those who don’t—that’s just common sense, right? While there is truth in this line of thinking, recent advancements in genetic science are showing us that there is much more to the story.

As it turns out, we now know that an individual’s ability to lose weight is very much affected by that individual’s unique genetic profile. Most people are aware that our genes determine things like our eye color, hair color and whether or not we have dimples. But our genes also reveal many things about our health, including how our bodies process foods and fuel our movements. In particular, there are 16 components of weight loss that are specifically influenced by our DNA. By analyzing these genetic segments, it is possible to develop a weight loss program that is designed for a person’s unique genetic profile. This process—collecting and analyzing DNA, and developing recommendations based on what it reveals—is what GxSlim does, and it has the potential to change some long-held beliefs about weight loss.

GxSlim examines 16 genetic traits related to weight loss, including:

  • If one’s body is resistant to losing weight
  • How well one’s body is able to process carbohydrates
  • How much body fat one can lose through cardio exercise
  • How well one’s body is able to effectively absorb folate (a B-complex vitamin)
  • How sensitive one’s body is to the amount of fat in one’s diet
  • How one’s body responds to strength training
  • How sensitive one’s body is to the amount of protein in one’s diet

Adopting a diet or exercise program without understanding one’s specific genotype is akin to “flying blind.” It doesn’t mean that the individual won’t experience weight loss—there is definite truth in the years of research that have resulted in today’s known best practices for healthy eating and physical activity—but genetic science does suggest that diet and exercise programs can be enhanced and optimized when they are based on a proper understanding of a person’s specific genotype.

Today, it is possible to understand and act upon the weight loss road map that our bodies naturally give us. To learn more about the science and process behind GxSlim, go to GeneticDirection.com today.

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