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Hello, Is It Turmeric You’re Googling For?

Chances are, search engines know exactly what you’re searching out in your web wanderings.

Americans are endlessly curious, especially about food, nutrition and the trends that cover both. So shows data that Google collects about our top searches. The Google Food Trends 2016 U.S. Report reveals that in terms of food searches between January 2014 and February 2016, we most often browsed for information about functional foods, exotic flavors and custom-tailored snacks.

Searches were up on turmeric (specifically, how to consume it, in what forms and which recipes incorporate it), jackfruit, cauliflower rice, empanadas, sourdough bread and vegan doughnuts. Searches decreased for quinoa, kale chips and agave nectar. Trending searches included pork (cuts of meat and how to cook them) and bite-sized snacks (mug cakes, cookie dough and—go figure—cauliflower bites).

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