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Healthy Kitchen Hacks for the Home Cook

This month’s hacks come to us from Robert Irvine, chef and the host of Restaurant: Impossible, one of the Food Network’s highest-rated shows. He has also written two cookbooks, Mission: Cook! (HarperCollins 2007) and Impossible to Easy (William Morrow Cookbooks 2010), and one healthy-living book, Fit Fuel: A Chef’s Guide to Eating Well and Living Your Best Life (Irvine Products 2015).

Oil Change

I prefer to use grape seed oil rather than olive oil for cooking, as it’s a healthier alternative. Also, when I make dressings and marinades, I go “bottleless” for a fresher, more flavorful experience. This means making fresh citrus marinades with oranges, vinegars and herbs, as opposed to buying bottles of sauces and marinades.

Build a Balanced Bite

When it comes to cooking, flavor is a very personal experience. Some people love spices; some can’t handle any at all. Some people pile on the salt; some never touch the stuff. Some people can do without dessert; some have an insatiable sweet tooth. You can’t please every palate, but you can do your best to combine the flavors you enjoy so that there is a little bit of everything in every bite. No one flavor should overpower another, and the dishes that achieve a perfect balance are usually the most successful.

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