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Healthy Kitchen Hacks for the Home Cook

This month’s hacks come to us from Christopher Mohr, PhD, RD, an IDEA expert author and presenter who also serves as a consulting sports nutritionist for the Cincinnati Bengals and an expert contributor for Reebok ONE.

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

I like to pick up a rotisserie chicken at the store as a quick, ready-to-eat source of protein. I’ll slice it onto a green salad, use it as the base for a pasta dish or make a healthy chicken salad for lunch.

TV Dinner Redux

To be honest, my real secret weapon when I’m in a bind is to hit the frozen-food section at the grocery store and grab a Stouffer’s® Fit Kitchen Bourbon Steak meal. With 27 grams of protein, this is perfect for the on-the-go trainer (or client). I’ve paired that with a Green Giant® Steamers bag of veggies. So, yes, two frozen options in one meal, and in just a few minutes I can get plenty of colorful veggies and high-quality protein—without loads of calories.

Zest for Flavor

I use plenty of seasonings as replacements for salt and sugar. Citrus zest works particularly well when you want to boost flavor without adding calories, fat, sugar or salt. To easily zest lemons, I use a microplane—one of the best kitchen gadgets out there.

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