Pilates Equipment Liability and Safety, page 42. As members demand more Pilates-based activities, safety issues must be stepped up.

Yoga for Chronic Pain, page 51. Adapted practices and interventions from hatha yoga help pain sufferers learn how to cope and thrive.

Exploring Mind-Body Modalities, page 58. Review the latest scientific studies dealing with the psychological benefits of mindful exercise.

For the past several years we have witnessed the impressive growth and development of mind-body disciplines. Call it a “Golden Age” of sorts—a time when opportunity is boundless and there is plenty of space for any professional with ambition and aptitude to carve a notch in the trunk of a great and growing tree.

According to the 2006 IDEA Fitness Programs & Equipment Survey, yoga and Pilates are retaining their strong appeal and identity. After a brisk increase in availability over the past few years, Pilates (offered by 64% of IDEA business members surveyed) and yoga (58%) appear to have reached a comfortable level. With an average of 10 classes per week and 14 participants per class, such offerings are important parts of fitness facilities’ group exercise schedules. Add to that the myriad independent studio owners who have spread their roots deep into communities everywhere and you can clearly see the development of a specialty area that will have size, strength and staying power. Yoga itself is already an ancient practice, as is evidenced by the 4,000–plus years of devoted teaching that have been shared with successive generations. A recent study commissioned by Yoga Journal showed that the number of Americans who did yoga in 2005 reached 16.5 million—up 43% from 2002. Thousands of years old and growing faster than ever!

IDEA has kept pace with the progression of the mind-body movement for many years by offering specialized educational material to help you stay in lockstep with the rich possibilities for you and your clients. This annual CEC issue on mind-body topics is one way we’ve accomplished that. We’ve also recently developed a new Resource Series book called Mind-Body Exercise and Inspiration; and if you haven’t read our free monthly e-newsletter Body-Mind-Spirit Review, sign up at www.inneridea.com to get on the mailing list. But the most profound advancement we’ve made on our educational front is the first-ever Inner IDEA® Conference, scheduled for July 23–25, just before the 2006 IDEA World Fitness Convention®.

The Inner IDEA mission is to “inspire the world to wellness through body, mind and spirit.” This journey begins with encouraging fitness and wellness professionals to join with open hearts and minds to explore the exciting new science and benefits of holistic mind-body-spirit practices. Such mindful techniques and therapies include physical movement, nutrition, meditation, relaxation techniques, stress management, coaching and many other important personal-growth experiences.

As mind-body practices become widely accepted, there is a need for leadership to facilitate integration of these disciplines into the fitness and wellness industry. Inner IDEA is ideally positioned to provide that leadership. Our conference promises you sensory experiences and strong educational offerings. We have sought out the latest mind-body-spirit research and the most qualified instructors to expand your knowledge base, enrich your programming potential and give you new tools you can share with your clients.

We anticipate that 400–500 serious mind-body professionals from around the world will attend this inaugural event. They will represent facets of mind-body practice from the realms of yoga, Pilates, wellness coaching, personal training, group exercise, tai chi and the allied health professions. We hope you will be among this esteemed group!

To plan your Inner IDEA experience and become a part of this Golden Age, please go to www.inneridea.com.


Publishing Excellence

We are very proud to announce that in late April IDEA Fitness Journal won its second consecutive “Maggie” award for excellence
in magazine publishing from the Western Publications Association. IDEA won its coveted Maggie, the “Oscar” of the magazine publishing world, for its Inspire the World to Fitness® feature story, “Shaping a Healthier Future for America’s Children,” in the Best “How-To” Article—Trade category. This recognition underscores IDEA’s commitment to providing IDEA members and clients with printed educational products and inspiration of the highest quality. Congratulations to our editors, author Natalie Digate Muth, MPH, RD, and our designers on this great achievement!

If you missed this article and would like to learn 10 ways you can work with schools to improve kids’ fitness, please go to the IDEA online article archive (www.ideafit.com; click through the “Article Archive” link) to read the feature in the March 2005 issue.

Kathie and Peter Davis