Pinterest has a seemingly endless amount of fitness ideas and do-it-yourself projects, so we thought it made sense to combine them and find the top five do-it-yourself pins for fitness.

1. Physical Activity Cube: came up with a great idea to get kids moving, especially on a rainy day! Create a cube out of white card stock, write activities on each square and tape it together. A variation of this cube could be used with adults as well!

2. Workout Tips Jar: After each workout, tip yourself $1.00. After 100 workouts, treat yourself to something you’ve been wanting. Now every workout does pay off! We loved this idea so much that we ended up creating them for IDEA here.

3. Workout Cups: This creative idea from motivates people to exercise using just cups and popsicle sticks. Here’s what you do: Write a bunch of exercises (with reps) on popsicle sticks and put them in one cup. Whenever you have a chance, take one at random, complete the exercise, and move the stick to the “Done” cup.

4. Inspiration Boards: Inspiration boards have been around for a while, but creating them can be so powerful that we thought it deserved a mention here. These boards are usually filled with your vision for the future and can be used as a daily reminders of your goals. They can either be a physical board or a digital board. Below is an inspiration board by blogger The Fitnessista.

5. Fit Fanny Pack: The Fitfannypack is described as being ideal for the fitness enthusiast, busy mom, and traveler. These fanny packs come in a variety of colors and have a designated area to keep your phone so that you can listen to music and a pouch to hold your keys. If you’re really crafty you might be able to make your own version of the Fitfannypack or you can buy one here.

Have you found any DIY fitness ideas on Pinterest? Are you going to try any of these projects? Let us know in the comments!