There are numerous fitness industry brands that are instantly recognizable—both products and services. Being first to market creates a unique brand identity. A fitness professional who can curate specific brand identity for his or her method of exercise, like Johnny G, for example, has a distinct advantage over competitors.

On this episode of the IDEA Empowered Entrepreneur podcast, Sergeant Ken Weichert, the 2016 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year, shares how he has created a unique brand identity for his group fitness program that allows him to communicate specific expectations regarding the experience participants can expect to receive in his workouts. In addition to a discussion on branding, Sgt. Ken discusses how he has become an international presenter, delivering education workshops all over the world.

Justin Russ

In a bonus segment at the end of the episode, Justin Russ, a master trainer for TRX™ and Power Plate®, talks about how he got his start in education and recommends some fitness career enhancements, including how and why to become a master trainer.