A recent survey of nearly 1,000 health and wellness professionals, including fitness trainers, provided an enlightening look at both their fees and their volume of work.

More than 61% reported charging over $50 for each one-on-one client session, and 26% said they charged more than $100. Over half booked more than 20 one-on-one sessions per month, with 20% booking at least 50 client sessions over the same period.

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Even a cursory study of the results shows that wellness and fitness professionals are processing a lot of payments. Yet 79% of respondents do not enable clients to book sessions themselves online, even though, over the past decade, online platforms have helped consumers purchase airline tickets, make hotel reservations, arrange for car rentals and even book their own doctor’s appointments.

The demand for self-booking is growing. However, while 52% of respondents expressed their interest in utilizing an online booking platform, the number of health, fitness and wellness professionals benefiting from online scheduling is small.

Although some booking engines have begun to develop market share with large gyms, no booking platform, customized for the needs of the self-starting health and fitness entrepreneur, has been available to ease the burden of booking dozens of monthly appointments. That is, until now.

HealthPRO is an all-in-one booking and promotion platform, tailored specifically to meet the requirements of a successful, independent health, wellness and fitness professional. And numerous associations across the wellness spectrum are starting to take notice, from Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy to IDEA® Health & Fitness Association.

According to Jason Davis, IDEA’s director of Web products, HealthPRO helps fitness professionals take their business to the next level.

“HealthPRO is a great way for health and wellness professionals to manage their business,” Davis explains. “The platform is user-friendly and has much-needed tools to help professionals from start to finish—everything from attracting and booking clients to accepting payment online.”

Online booking with HealthPRO assists professionals with unpleasant aspects of running their successful independent businesses, such as payment collection. With HealthPRO’s online booking and scheduling platform, getting paid has never been easier. Clients use their credit cards to book appointments at any time of day or night from their computer or smartphone. There are no more busy signals or callbacks.

Plus, the credit card is charged 24 hours before the appointment, reducing the burn of last-minute cancellations. Clients are more inclined to keep their appointments when they know they will still have to pay when cancellations take place 24 hours or less before the appointment. Your payment is guaranteed.

HealthPRO gives professionals an instant, polished presence online that includes photos, professional certifications, years in practice, and other key information useful to clients and prospective clients. All this, plus your real-time schedule, where clients can select a time and book an appointment directly from your detailed online profile page. All appointments appear instantaneously on your calendar, seamlessly synced with Google Calendar and other apps.

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HealthPRO is planning a major presence at the upcoming IDEA® World Convention in Los Angeles, July 13–17, 2016, with lively sessions on how to utilize HealthPRO’s rapidly growing online booking engine to help independent professionals take the administrative and marketing elements of their business to the next level.

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