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Creative Ideas That Inspire

UH2O is part of Rock Steady Boxing’s “Fight Back” program at the YMCA in Randolph, New Jersey. Offered in the facility’s warm water pool—and the only aquatic boxing class in the country—UH20 empowers participants with Parkinson’s disease to work on balance and gait training without the added fear of falling. The splashy format helps participants to improve their flexibility, range of motion, strength and balance as they relieve and manage their Parkinson’s symptoms.

Naptime at The Indigo Project in New South Wales, Australia, provides a serene space for people to slip away midday to hide away, sleep and recharge. The experience begins with a 10-minute guided meditation to help participants wind down before drifting off into a peaceful 20-minute nap. At the end of the 30 minutes, participants are gently awakened. Mary Hoang, studio founder and principal psychologist, says she was inspired to create this opportunity after she realized that she wasn’t as productive when she fought sleepiness in her workday. “I introduced Naptime to the studio as it’s pretty hard to find a place to nap in Sydney where you can be alone, safe and cozy.”

Gymjitsu, offered at The Chelsea Piers Sports & Entertainment Complex in New York City, is for children aged 5–8. The class helps children develop their motor skills by fusing the strength and coordination of gymnastics with the speed and concentration of martial arts. Children learn basic tumbling and trampoline techniques, as well introductory martial arts-inspired defensive and offensive maneuvers.

6D, offered by Fitness First Middle East—with locations in UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan and Saudi Arabia—gets its name because it involves six dimensions of fitness: lift, move, function, core, burn and recover. This high-intensity interval training class relies on functional training equipment to challenge participants to their maximum capacity. Members of all fitness levels train together, and the intensity increases as the workout progresses. Members are introduced to new equipment and taught how to move more effectively using Escape Fitness® equipment including, GRIPRs®, foam rollers, speed ladders, Corebags®, Bulgarian bags, kettlebells and slamballs.

Vive for Womenin Chattanooga, Tennessee, offers an array of classes that include full-body workouts, as well as those that target specified areas of the body: legs and shoulders; chest and triceps; and back and biceps. Each 60-minute class provides participants with heart-rate monitors at the start of each session so that varying fitness levels can exercise in a group environment at an individualized pace and achieve “your perfect burn without the burden of overtraining,” according to the website.

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