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Creative Ideas That Inspire

Stay on the cutting edge with these classes that kick things up a notch.

BarreFlow, offered at various locations in New York, combines yoga, Pilates, barre fitness, classic strength training and corrective exercises. The experience provides a full-body workout while also addressing postural problems caused by everyday life, such as chronic inactivity, long periods of sitting in a car, working in front of a computer or wearing high heels. No two sessions are quite the same; each class follows a similar flowing format to avoid a workout plateau. Although there is only one level offered, instructors provide modifications and variations to accommodate all fitness journeys.

The new mobile-augmented reality game, Pokémon Go, recently exploded onto the gaming scene, with the unexpected side effect of getting people to move more. The game requires people to take gaming outside, since players are not able to catch monsters or find landmarks from the safety of their couch. Fresno City College in Fresno, California, is taking advantage of this fad with a Pokémon Go Walking Class. It is officially listed as a physical education course to be taught by soccer coach Oliver Germond. He says in a press release that he "plans to incorporate elements of the game into a fitness course focused on walking, running and other basic cardiovascular activities."

Country Heat™ LIVE, created by Beachbody® LIVE and offered at multiple locations, is a country dance-inspired, low-impact, high-energy workout. The choreography is not complicated, making it accessible to even the most novice exercisers. Set to a country music soundtrack, this cardio-based routine works the entire body, and all the moving, stepping, clapping and stomping creates a dance party atmosphere.

Olympic Lifting is a new specialty class at CrossFit® Outbreak in New York. Just like athletes in the Summer Olympic Games, participants attempt to lift their maximum with a single try, using a barbell loaded with plates. CrossFit coaches assist with form and encourage the athletes to push themselves safely to their limits. The gym welcomes all who seek a fitness lifestyle, stating on its website that the "program delivers fitness that is, by design, broad, general and inclusive."

The REBEL Workout in Denver amps up to full throttle in MOTOR(Cycle), a cycling, strength training and conditioning drills mashup. The instructors incorporate tools like weights, resistance bands, kettlebells and suspension straps to help participants build core strength and improve their stamina. The owners of the gym, married couple Melissa Levy and Ryan Lien, have adopted a balanced fitness philosophy that's based on sustainable wellness and creating healthy mindsets. "Our workout motto is fast and dirty!" says Levy. "Workouts are under an hour and take you safely to your edge."


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Lisa Quigley

Lisa Quigley is the Publications Assistant at IDEA Health & Fitness Association. She considers herself first and foremost a writer. Her love of words and stories inspired her to pursue a degree in English and continue on to receive an MFA in Creative Writing.

During her academic pursuits, Lisa also discovered yoga. Her personal practice was so powerfully transforming that she decided to become a yoga teacher. In 2012, she was certified at the 200 hour level. She spent the next three years teaching at multiple yoga studios throughout San Diego County. As a yoga teacher, she seeks to encourage people to love and accept themselves as they areÔÇöwhile at the same time welcoming opportunities for growthÔÇöso they can feel more at home in their bodies and lead more fulfilling lives.

The position at IDEA Health & Fitness Association allows Lisa to combine all of her interests in one place. She is thrilled to be part of a company who's mission aligns so closely with her own vision and values.

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